Friday, August 29, 2008

As most of you well know children can be quite facetious at times. The other day one of two(Emily or Alex) got into something, of which I cannot recall at this time, and neither would own up to it. We were eating lunch at the time and they kept blaming each other. Alex in all inocence looked at me and said "mommy why don't you ask Jesus who did", then started a discussion about whether God talks to me or not and how that might happen. Well, Alex insisted I pray to get an answer so I prayed but instead of asking for an answer I prayed that the one who had done the wrong would feel that they would need to confess and learn to be obedient and not lie. After praying Alex immediately wanted to know what Jesus said to me. I tried my best to explain that we don't always get an answer right away and that they needed to tell me who had done the wrong because they need to understand that it is wrong to lie. I never did get an answer from the kids but I am depending on God's wisdom in dealing with these frequent episode of "he said, she said, or he did it or she did". They certainly keep me busy creating ways to explain and give answers that they can understand.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here is a picture from back in the summer.
The kids were trying out little rocking chairs
outside of Cracker Barrel.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Well, we have made lift off. The school year has begun and it went ok, we a had few rough moments when the school rules had to be reiterated. We are incorporating some fun things into our day this year. We are going to read the book "A Hive Of Busy Bees", starting with Bee Obedient, we need a lot of that. I thought this would be a good way of teaching them good Biblical character traits along with scripture memory verses. Megan is doing ACE this year and seemed to like the way paces started. She even told me thought this would be a good year. Emily is doing Abeka, and I am praying that she will progress well with this. Alex is also doing some Abeka K4 and some other things I have. He loves to trace his letters on a dry erase mat. I know that every day will not be perfect but God's grace is enough to get me through each one. Please pray for me and the kids as we embark on this journey for knowledge, and also as satan seems to be fighting on all sides with so many different ways to try to undermine my existence in the Lord. Well I must go and prepare for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have recently been reading, "Foxes Book Of Martyrs", and it really makes you amazed at how these people died for the sake of the Gospel and sometimes watched their own young children die all the while with a smile on their face. I also began to think and wonder if we have such a fervour for Jesus that we could die without fear. They had a true commitment to Jesus, they were not fair weather friends. I am not only questioning you but myself also. They faced things that we could not even imagine and at the same time attempts made to force them to worship false god's and renounce Jesus Christ. With the advantages we have today and the freedom we have I find it difficult to deal with the ingnorance(I do not say that with meaness) and lack of proof of the desire to serve Jesus as the Bible indicates. I get frustrated when told I just don't think like you. I want you to know I don't think, I believe. I want a relationship with God that is worth dying for, I want to be able to live my life so completely in the will of God that every word that comes out of my mouth is what he wants to be said, every step I take to be the step he wants me to take, every thought, every detail, to be God's idea. I have to admit that is not always the case, I am human in nature and have failed God many times but he is always faithful to pull me out and give me a renewing of my mind, he cleanses me, he purifies me again and again. He fills my cup to overflowing he never lets me down. What I am saying is that each new day gives me a new set of circumstances that must be given to God, because somewhere in the darkness of night satan puts his mind to work and says what can I put in her pathway today. The Bible says, He goes to and fro seeking whom he may devour, and devour you he will if you let your gaurd down, if you put your armor off just for a minute. I have had days when it is a constant battle of the mind to just believe and hold onto what God has promised, because Satan is sitting right on my shoulder trying to filibuster his way into my thoughts. I pray and pray over and over again the name of Jesus and letting him know that I believe he is able to help me. Somedays the darkness is so thick but yet the light of God's love shines through. He is a faithful and constant friend. He will never leave or forsake his own. I want you to know that I have determined in my heart that know matter what, I will make it to heaven. A little phrase I heard and this is what I want Satan to think of me each new day, "Oh no, she's awake". If ever I am told either renounce Jesus or die I want to happily choose the latter with Satan realizing he has lost the battle. If you have the breath of life in you its not too late to make a life changing decision and commit you life to God. He will change you inside and out and make you a new creature. He wants you for his pwn and will reserve a crown of life when you make it to that Mansion in the sky. Give him your whole heart, today.

The kids decided to have a Kool Aid stand yesterday afternoon. They managed to make $4.00, they told me they were going to give it to charity. Sometimes they really surprise me. I guess we will see what charity they choose. What they really mean is for it to go to the church offering or something like that. They enjoyed having the Kool Aid stand, they even had people stop in their cars to get a drink.