Thursday, January 3, 2008

Have you ever heard a "helicopter" fly over your house only to realize it was your washing machinge during spin cycle. Well mine has been like that for about 2 months now. We have done everything to try to level it. I would go to get clothes out of the wash to find it had moved several inches and started turn itself, it would even get its own legs off. We have done battle many times, the wash machine and I, me trying to lift it and put the legs back on and so on. Well right before Christmas I was at my wits end and I prayed that God would touch my washing machine and the I once again put the legs back on it and did notice that it was very un-level towards the left, I put a load of wash in and went back up-stairs. After sometime I notice how quiet it was and went to check on it, well it was quietly doing the wash and no walking, rocking or thumping was heard. I praised God, because I new he had extended the life of my poor old washing machine. Shortly after the new year it started back up again with its banging and helicoptor sounds, I called the appliance repair man and they told me it probably was not worth it to fix since it was 12 years old. I would say I have sadly said goodbye to my friend who has done many loads of wash, but I now have a beautiful new front load wash machine, from the scratch and dent section (much cheaper that way) that will save us loads of money(I am told), because it uses much less water and energy. The moral of the story is God can help even in the most simplest ways as letting your much needed appliance make it through the holidays. I do want to say I am not joking when I say it sounded like a helicopter even my husband wondered what the sound was. Have a good night. And remember God cares about the sometimes, seemingly, mundane things in our life.