Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today's sunday school lesson was on Heavena and Hell. Wow, when you compare the differences why would you want to skirt around the edges of what the Bible tells us what we must do to be holy and heaven ready. I can only go by what the Bible says about heaven and I am sure that is just a small glimpse into the reality of it. I am not sure we could even comprehend the full understanding of it in our earthly bodies and minds. I know that when the presence of the Lord comes to me and fills me with his fullness, the joy I feel knows no boundaries. I think God gives us those little tastes of heaven here on earth so that we know it is worth it to live our lives exactly how God wants us.
Do not delay, make sure you are Heaven ready and enjoy the fullness of His glory here on earth. It will be worth it all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

If you have ever eaten to much of diabetic candy and know the results because of that you may find this a little funny or have sympathy.

Today the kids and I went to the store and the girls brought their own money so they could buy candy. At the checkout Megan picked skittles and Emily chose Ice Breakers Sour Fruit. I really never gave it any thought that it had artificial,don't eat all of it at once, and she said "ok". Yeah right, a kid with candy and not eat all of it. Well later she had a hurried trip to bathroom, I won't go into much detail, but everything pretty much went right through her. I didn't think much of at that time, until later she made another rushed trip to the bathroom, I then asked her did you eat all of those Ice Breakers her answer was "yes", and then investigated and saw the ingredients and realized what was happening to her. To much maltitol and maltodextrose acts like a laxative. Needless to say she has been very hungry because her food does not stay with her long and she is a big eater anyways. Hopefully the night will be not filled with trips to the bathroom and my help needed.

We live and learn don't we. I don't think I will be letting her by Ice Breakers anytime soon. Ha ha ha.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today marks a great day in my life for me. One year ago today I followed God's leading and went back to Burlington Bible Methodist Church. Prior to this I had been searching for a church but avoiding that church specifically. I didn't want to feel pressured to be one or the other but God gently led me and showed me his plan for my life.

I remember as clearly as if it was today. I was hungering for a deep relationship with the God and I wanted to know what his voice sounded like. The church I was attending(sort've) was featuring a women's book study in regards to discerning the voice of God. I desperately wanted to attend. I though for sure this would give me answers I needed and I check my schedule. I prayed for the Lord to work it out for me but it just never did. I was really dissappointed and thought how am I to know how to discern the voice of God if no one tells me how to do this. Strangely enough I was raised in a holiness family were do the will of God was paramount but because of the fact I had strayed so far and so long I had forgotten how. I continued to pray for guidance and would'nt you know God answered my prayer. I had decided to find a church more suitable to my needs and believed a deeper relationship than the one I was attending. I felt impressed to attend a Nazerene church here in town and for some reason I felt that I was going to learn something about friendship, in what way I did not know. I didn't realize God was already speaking to me. In the meantime a women I know invited me to attend her church, another Nazerene church in the same little town, at first I said yes but then I started thinking that maybe I should not go because I really felt like I was supposed to go the other church. I called her back and explained to her why I could not go with her. She was understanding, to say the least. I though, people are going to think I am just plain crazy especially if this does not turn out the way I felt it would. Well, Mother's Day dawned bright and clear and me and the kids set out to go to church. I had already decided that if we were going to do this we would go for sunday school too and so we went. I helped the girls get settled in their class and Alex wanted to stay with me. I women in the church showed me to a class she recommended for me. Everyone was very and greeted me warmly. The sunday school teacher preceded to start the lesson and explain what we would be talking about, " past friendships", did you see that. Friendship, I was about blown out of the water. God was speaking to me, I didn't need to take a class on how to discern the voice of God. If you are willing and truly desire a close walk the Lord he will lead and guide you. That following week I was driving down the road and plain as day, I heard, "now I want you to go back to Burlington". My response, "ok". One year ago today driving to the church was wonderful and a little fearful too. What would people say? As I turned into Rogers Lane the presence of the Lord was overwelming tears ran down my face. I felt as if I was returning home. I will never forget that day. Sis. Stetler saw me sitting in the back when she came and with tears in her eyes she told me I was an answer to prayer. I remember telling her that a lot of prayers had been answered for me to be there.

God has been so good to me this year and I look forward to many more to come doing his will. Has the road been hard, does satan fight me, you better believe it. I have days when I am down and days when my cup runneth over. The Lord has given be salvation and sactification to keep me going on the right road. With out the Holy Spirit I would have given up months ago. I know there are many women who are in my same situation having an unsaved husband. Only God knows the extent of the pain we bare. My husband was not raised in a Christian home so he does not even know what it is that has happened, I hope he can feel a difference in the spirit of our home. Our life is much more peaceful on one end but satan uses my husband to try and bait me to turn back to the old carnal ways. God's grace is sufficient, I am so thankful for that.

I ask that you pray not just for me but think of all the women out there who are trying to pray in unsaved husbands and fight against satan's weapons, lift them up in prayer. God will help and I am trusting him that my husband will oneday realize the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I will not be pampered
But I will be pampering
I will not receive breakfast in bed
But I will serve those in bed
I will count it all worth it to give of my time
I will hear many whines and complaints
But I will pray for God's grace
It will be a day of reflection
A day to realize where I have been
and where I am going
I am a mother, not just to my children
but I carry my mother's heart everywhere I go
God made me a woman so that I could mother all
those who have need.
Whether small or big,
young or old
They all need a mother
and if I am there a mother I will be

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Church

Today in our Sunday School lesson the topice was the The Church. No, not the building were we sit and listen to the preacher. The Church is the body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, the true Christians. This evening I was thinking on our way back to church and I had this thought . . .

In the Bible it refers to the church of God as spotless, without wrinkle and when I thought of this, I also thought how a bride on her wedding day is usually spotless without any wrinkle in her gown. Now picture this, the bride has planned everything, and has done all the decorations herself. The flowers are beautiful, the church is a sight to behold. There is an arch at the altar with lace and flowers to enhance its beauty. This bride has thought of everything, she has worked very hard, her labors are note worthy. The wedding decorations could be illustrated in a magazine. Sometime later, the guests are here the attendants are coming down the aisle in dresses the bride designed and made all herself. It is spectacular. The first strains of the Wedding March begin the guest standup to watch what would most likely be the most beautiful bride, as the doors swung open the there is heard a loud collective gasp as the bride, not looking beautiful at all. Her gown looks like it was thrown together and what is that, a coffee stain down the front. Her hair is, well, did she even brush it, and what are those flowers, dandelions. The groom looks astonished as it dawns on him she is not ready to be his wife. She was focused on all the wrong things. Her efforts went into the decorations but she left out the one thing that mattered she was not perpared to be a bride. With loud cries, and begging the groom to wait and reconsider as he walked out the door. But look at the all the work I did. I made everything myself, i'm sorry, I just didn't have time to prepare myself. But it was too late, he was gone.

There are so many out there who will experience this when it comes their time to stand before God. Yes they are busy, they are working to build numbers in their church and have a goal set as to how many people they want to lead to Christ, but what about the debth of a whole hearted realtionship with God. We should always be prepared to meet the Bride Groom, he is preparing to meet us and we have to have our wedding clothes always without spot or wrinkle.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

She could not see the heavenly host around her ready to do battle when the Master gave the word. She seemed to be walking under a cloud, but what she did not know was that satan had sent his imps to try and weigh her down with so many little things that she felt like she couldn't see through the haze to the light. Their claws dug deeper into her shoulders has her burden seemed heavier. The heavenly host looked to the Master as if to say, "now". With tears in his eyes he shook his head and whispered " the time is not right". The young mother of three drove to church still heavy with burden but she knew that so man times God had lifter her burden here at this wonderful place where his presence was welcome. As she unloaded her children the devilish foes hung on tighter they hated this place, but they would fight till the end just to win her soul back. If they could only make her feel hopeless enough it just might work. She walked into church with a tremulous smile on her face trying to appear brave, greeting those she met along the way. They found their seat, her and her three children, as the demons were seething in hatred for this "House of God". Their beady little eyes scanned the room, and began trembling in fear as they saw the heavenly host accompanying each of the righteous. There were so many, they brandished there double edged swords which glinted in their brighteness. Church began, the songs were sung with fervour, a few testimonies were given and then it happened, she stood to her feet with tears in her eyes praising God even in the midst of her trouble. Their evil claws dug in even deeper but began to tremble as swords were draw in a stance for battle. "Let us pray for this one", the preacher said. So around the altar they gathered beseeching God in the name of his Son, the Light of The World. The heavenly host looked again to the Master and at his nod of approval they began to battle. Swords clashed, some bright and shiny and the others gray and jagged. The evil ones fought dirty, trying to injure the beautful shining beings who fought for this young women. Some of the angels even surrounded her to provide protection. Then she did something the demons were not expecting, "I plead the blood of Jesus", they heard her say. Oh, no they groaned this was not good. The heavenly host parted as the Master walked towards her and laid his nail peirced hands on her shoulders. The light of his glory shown round about her. The demons fell back screaming as the brightness touched them searing them with its force, and with the wave of his hand they were sent back to the deep dark pit from which they came. Suddenly she felt the light of God's love around her and praises rang forth from her lips. She could face another day. The battle had been won.