Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because it is right

If a child can get away with disobedience they will, they will question authority until they are made to realize they, either, obey or face the consequences. I have been dealing with that a lot in my home lately. One particular child has problems with questioning my authority in such a way that I get very frustrated. I will admit it makes me angry because I have told her time and time again that she is to obey, no matter what. A couple evenings ago she started questioning and kept asking why she had to obey me, the reasoning behind what I wanted her to do. This child is never happy with the short answer, she wants a long detailed explanation before she decides if she agrees or not. As we were talking I thought of what the Bible says in Ephesians 6:1 Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. There it is the short answer, because it is right. Not because you have to obey for a specific reason, sometimes there just is no other reason than because I just want you to do the way I told you. I have a firm belief that children need to obey because they are told to obey. I explained to her this verse that says it so simply, and how Jesus wants us to do what is right. I want her to understand that as she grows up she may be expected to do things and if she wants a big long reason she might lose the joy of just doing it because it is right.

I am, in no way a perfect parent, but as we go through our days God is faithful to show me how I can teach my children what it is he wants from us. Just plain and simple obedience.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Preschool Activities

Homeschool moms with little ones who aren't quite ready for school but need ideas to keep them busy. I heard of a great idea to make acitivity packs, I then googled preschool activities and guess what, here is a place that gives very good ideas for those packs. I also thought of my older children who might feel a little left out of the fun and I am going to make them a special activity pack that they can do during a 15 minute break from regular school work. What I have read that is recommended is limit the time with activity packs, like 15 or 20 minutes and then clean up that one and move on to another. Happy homeschooling!

Disclaimer: none of these ideas are mine but come from other great and wonderful homeschool moms who have tried these wonderful ideas and found that it works to relieve the stress of trying keeping everyone busy at the same time.
Preschool Activities

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning as I go

I have to admit I am not the most organized person. Just trying to get organized can be quite difficult, but I have talked to God about this and have requested his help and you know what is happening. He is helping me. Are you surprised? I'm not, he has proven true in difficult circumstances before and he his proving true once again. I am not trying to be super organized or get everything done in one day, I am building on what I have learned each day. Maybe we could call it "saxon organization", whatever it is its working. The fun part is I am getting my kids in on the fun. They are learning organization with me. I have figured out that if they can get in a routine of doing the same things everyday like, empty the dishwasher, take dirty laundry to laundry room, and unload washer and load dryer, along with cleaning their rooms each day and just getting into the habit of helping when asked. This has worked wonders, they have quickly learned that it is easier to get it done early then to miss on playtime later. I don't claim to be the next writer of a book on organizing you house, or getting your kids to cooperate but I just wanted to blog about it. I have actually gotten a lot of tips from other bloggers and different website who offer home organization tips. Also our unit study curriculum gave tips on keeping your kids organized and doing their chores along with their school schedule. It keeps on track with our day and they are up and moving so when the "school bell rings" they have gotten their brain cells active and are ready for some learning. I'm telling it works, think about kids who may ride the bus to school or sleep until the last minute, when it comes time to sitting down at their desk they are still lethargic, cold and just want to lay their head down and sleep. The was my oldest last year. I thought that if she is always so tired then she must need her sleep, so I waited to get her up and even when she did, she would come to the couch with a blanket moan and groan about having to busy with school. On top of that, fights would break out between the three and then I would get stressed and frustrated and just plain ready to give up. God has promised to give us wisdom if we ask, what better to ask for than wealth or a better job, or even a bigger house. I don't need any of that, because it is wise to always depend on God for what we need, and since wisdom is my current and ongoing need that is my request. God has been faithful to provide for that request. I also believe that in order to teach out children to live godly lives they need to learn to honor their family and work together. Do I expect everyday to go smoothly, oh no, but I do know that God will give me the wisdom with each new day he allows me to enjoy on this earth.

Here is a couple links to blogs that have proved useful to me, and in the meantime read Ephesians chapter 5

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Country Profiles -

This is a link to an interactive map dipslaying countries that make it difficult to be a Christian in.
Because of what my children are going to study in school this year, I am trying to become more aware
of the issues of christian persecution around the world. We need to pray for the many men and women
who suffer in these countries.
Country Profiles -

Monday, August 10, 2009

'Stillborn' 1.1.-Pound Baby Wakes Up Just Before Funeral, Remains in Stable Condition - Pregnancy -

This is an amazing story. You have to read it.

'Stillborn' 1.1.-Pound Baby Wakes Up Just Before Funeral, Remains in Stable Condition - Pregnancy -

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pray for Persecuted Christians | Open Doors USA -

Pray for Persecuted Christians Open Doors USA -

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh boy, what a two days. We have had much excitement around and things are finally settling down. I only have a moment so I will talk fast, can you keep up . . . Well for starters my mom arrived here to the city built on 7 sevens hills. She will be working on the hilltop(GBS) and is living just about 15 minutes away. We are so very happy about this and will enjoy having her close by. The past two days we have been going out and about to find the things she needs to set up house here. The Lord was good and she found many things for a very reasonable price. Of course there are bumps in the road, the lock to her appartment was not behaving so she kept getting locked out but when someone would come to see what was wrong it would mysteriously start working again, finally its bad behaviour showed up with the right person present and the problem is in the process of being solved. I think that is all for now. I will have another update next week for you, because we are going to start school and I want to share that with you as well. I hope you have a blessed weekend and I will talk to soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Cross in Prayer - My Utmost For His Highest

The Cross in Prayer - My Utmost For His Highest

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Bewildering Call of God - My Utmost For His Highest

Here is a link to a deviotional from My Utmsot For His Highest.

The Bewildering Call of God - My Utmost For His Highest

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I have a wonderful 7 y.o. and her name is Emily. Someday she is going to make a wonderful wife and mother. She already has the ability to take care of others and loves doing it. Today she prepared lunch for all of us, she made tuna salad all by herself and set chips on the table and bread to go with it. I am so very pleased that God has blessed me with a daughter such as her.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Here is a little update on our life in Kentucky. As it goes with almost everyone, with children, school will be starting soon. I am waiting on part of our curriculum to arrive, I should say anxiously waiting. The kids are excited, looking forward to a fresh start and new adventures. I am changing things around this year, I have chosen as our unit study curriculum to use My Fathers World. This encompass, history, geography, science, and so much more. As for spelling, I am using, Rod & Staff's, Spelling By Sound and Structure, and then their penmanship for Megan. We are using Writing Strands and Emma Searl's Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons. And, of course the library will provide us with a vast qantity of books to read. Before I forget I am going back to Math-U-See for the girls. I like the format of weekly lessons instead of daily lessons. I used that the first year I homeshcooled and liked it but due to trying to be cost effective, I did some other things. My little Alex, who will be 5 in september will be doing Kindergarten work. I am using My Fathers World A to Z for him, that is a complete kindergarten curriculum and I like that format also, it is weekly lessons too. I have to say that God has really guided me and helped me in choosing the work we are to do this year, without his help I would still be floundering in the mess of what to choose. He also provided so much for us that the cost out of pocket was minimal.

We have another blessing coming our way, my mother is moving close by, about 15 minutes away. Praise the Lord, this has been a prayer of mine and God knows how much I need her near to provide encouragement and support. She is such wonderful mother and has always tried to guide me in the paths of righteousness. It will be a joy to have her near.

It has been a rainy summer and although my tomato plants are loaded down with tomatoes they are all green except one I picked and one a squirrel stole. I am praying for a bountiful crop so I can can some sauce this year. The Lord knows our need.

That pretty much is the story of our lives at this point. Not to exciting I realize but maybe we will have some excitement to tell you about someday. Enjoy the weather wherever you maybe.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do You See Jesus in Your Clouds? - My Utmost For His Highest

Do You See Jesus in Your Clouds? - My Utmost For His Highest

Monday, July 27, 2009

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.
This is verse is so true. God certainly does fill me time and time again. Just this morning I was reading Matthew 5 and was blessed by the many promises in this passage of Scripture. I encourage you to read it. It will bless you I am sure. I recently read a book, Amanda Smith, the Kings Daugter; wow, was she ever on fire for God. We need someone like her to come in our midsts and preach the truth even though it may be uncomfortable. Her message was holiness, being pure at heart. Even in the late 1800's as she went all over the world as God lead her there were those who opposed her message. I have felt that same feeling in our world today, it makes others uncomfortable to hear the holiness message because they know that they must change their ways if they follow the true path of holiness. Amanda hungered and thirsted after righteousness, she would pray day and night until she found peace in her heart about something. She lived by faith, and she truly believed that if God wanted her somewhere he would provide the way, and he did many times, always giving her exactly what she needed.

In reading this book, I noticed how Amanda Smith did not live her life as it was her own, she lived it totally consecrated to God. I have been thinking how we live in an I/me/mine society. "I deserve everything I get, it is me who did it, and it is mine to do with it what I want". I want to live my life for God and give my time to him, my home is his too, I also give my children to him. Everything I have is a gift from God, and can direct me in how to use what he has given me. I also realize I deserve nothing, God in his infinite mercy has forgiven me and has taken me as his child, what more could I do but devote my life to serving him.

I do hunger and thirst after righteousness. I want to be filled and overflowing. I once saw a quote, by whom I do not know, "I'm drinking from the saucer, because my cup is overflowing". Praise his holy name. He his wonderful and I know he will keep me in his care.

Friday, July 24, 2009

His Nature and Our Motives - My Utmost For His Highest

His Nature and Our Motives - My Utmost For His Highest

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wow, what a whirlwind of a two weeks I have had. Lots of fun and lots of hard work. My mom came for a couple weeks and she helped me accompish a lot. We painted the entrance, living room and hallway, and then the next day we tore up the carpet in the living room. When I walk in my house I almost feel like I have entered a different house. It is so refreshing to like walking into my house. The carpet was such a mess, no amount of cleaning it made it better, it just made the room look dingy and dirty and then my walls have many autographs on them we were able to cover them up with the paint. I had to laugh because the kids have written on the walls but of course won't admit who did it, but you can always tell because they write their name. Not to smart. Hopefully we have passed that phase of things right now.

Now onto the fun things, I can't remember if I mentioned our outing to Big Bone Lick State Park. Well, if I didn't we had fun walking the trails and seeing the bison. I will post pictures too.

On monday we had special visitors, Tina and her children came to see us, that day we went to the aquarium and also took a fun ride called, Ride the Ducks. It is an amphibius vehicle that drives the streets and takes a flying rush into the Ohio River. It is actually fun and very informative ride and I might even be able to count it as a field trip for the kids. On Weds, Randy handled the kids, all of them, by himself and us ladies went to the mall and had lunch. That evening we went to a park and grilled out, took a walk and made smores. We had so much fun.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disaster diverted.

Lifes has been a little crazy and busy, but in the midst of that crazy busyness my wash machine that we bought less than two years ago started acting strangley. Making a strange noise and would not complete all cycles. I noticed an error message and finally went on line to see if I could find any information regarding that. I will say the Lord is good because with the information I got of the web, I was able to figure out that my wash machine has a water pump with a lint trap on it. After cleaning the ball of lint and several coins out my wash machine is working like new. I will not check monthly to make sure it does not get clogges. I was also thinking that our lives are little like that sometimes when we are getting rid of issues or giving our problems to
God we tend to grasp at the fragments that trail behind. We need to make sure we are giving it all to God not just what we think is improtant. My mom has this saying, " its the little foxes that spoil the grapes", little things can hold us back and we need to pay attention or we will be taking it all in but not letting go our probems. Give your all to God, he wants to carry your burdens.

Monday, June 29, 2009

God's Little Blessings

Sometimes God sends me a little blessing just to let me know he is thinking of me. That blessing came Sunday morning as I am getting everyone ready for church. As usual we were rushed and I was helping Emily find a pair of shoes and she was looking in her closet she pulled out a white pair of shoes that were too big, because someone had given us several pair and the girls had not grown into some of them. Well, this white pair of shoes was a size 3 and she remembered that sometimes I wear a size 3, yes I know I have small feet, and she thought these might fit. I will back track many years ago, when I was 3 I was run over by a lawnmower which severly injured my right foot and as I grew it became increasingly difficult to find shoes that fit properly or even well enough to wear due a size difference in my feet. God was looking out for me even then because he created me to have a small shoe size, if my left foot had grown to be to large I would have had to special order my shoes and that would have cost a lot of money. At this time I can usually go to the girls section and either by two pair of shoes or find some made in a way that will stay on my smaller foot. This spring and summer I have been looking for a pair of white shoes to go with my summer outfits and just could not find any, little did I know an answer to my prayers was right in my girls closet. I tried the shoes on and yes they fit and had straps on them that went across my feet to keep the shoe on my poor little foot. They may be a little bit girlie but I don't care I look at them and think God has answered my prayers.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Sunday Thought

It is Sunday afternoon and I have had my nap. I feel refreshed and wanted share with you.

I was thinking about some events that have happened and are going to happen, and how they have effected me. Actually, I should say how I have let them effect me. Oh; yes, I am human and sometimes I let things pile up and cause me distress before I finally deal with it. I will admit that I also am a person who has had this thought in my head that if I talk about my problems with someone else then I am less dependent on God. Does that sound crazy, the truth is if I think that then I am pretty sure there are others out there who think the same thing. I ran across a blog, not sure which one, but this women asked how the body of Christ should work for us. After I read that my wheels started spinning and God started speaking to me and informed me that the Body of Christ is for my use also. It is the support system he gave us here on earth. We can go to another Christian and share and our problems and ask for guidance and prayer in regards to these things.

Now lets backtrack just a little, what I am not saying is, do not pray on your own or depend on God for his strength. Remember, his strength is made perfect in weakness. When we are weak he is strong. Along with all of this we can go to a brother or sister in Christ and God can help us by their wisdom, compassion and prayer. I am reminded of a verse: James 5:6 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. God has instructed us to go to others in our weakness, especially when we, in our human failure, cannot see a way out.

I am so glad for my christian friends who care about me and what is going on in my life. I am so glad that God has placed them there, but not only do I need their support but I want to help them also. I pray that God will grant me the wisdom to help others.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

His Grace Is Sufficient

I know that my Redeemer liveth. I am certain the Messiah of my soul had delivered me. I can be more than a conquerer thru the blood of Jesus Christ. I feel it so necessary to get the message out, in some form. I am not very outgoing and do not feel comfortable in walking up to someone and to tell them about the gospel. I know I should be, and we have been commanded to spread the gospel, so in my own way I will try to do that and hope that somewhere along the way someone who needs to hear it will happen across my blog and find the hope they have been looking for.

Sometimes I think of God's grace as footsteps to follow in, like a child who is following their father around in the snow and trying to put their little foot in daddy's big one and streaching their little legs to match his stride. The big difference here is God never gives us something to hard to bare and to big to take on. When I visualize God's footprints they are placed in such a way so that I can reach each one without difficulty. II Corinthians 12:9a And he said unto me; my grace is sufficient for thee. This is one of the many promises God has given us and he always keeps his promises. I have found this so true, and am thankful that God, who created this universe and every detail, down to the genetic makeup of every human being, would care enough about me and my little footsteps that he makes his footsteps reachable for me.

Did you know that God's grace takes on many forms. Maybe it works for a mother to take a nap when she doesn't even know her little one is going to be up all night due to sickness, that is God's grace at work. An unsaved person walks away from an a car accident and all the rescue workers can do is shake their head because the car is completely demolished and the person should have been killed. God provided his prevenient grace to that person to give them a chance to get their heart right with God. Somebody, without knowing your cupboard is bare, cooks a meal for your family and brings extra grocery's. God's grace at work. But most importantly the grace we all need is his saving grace. Without salvation we all would be lost eternally, this is a gift that God is offering to those who need it. All you have to do is except it and begin your journey to a peace and joy you never thought possible.

I hope this is helpful to someone. I only want what God wants and he gives me these thoughts to share with you. I pray that you are aware of God's grace in your life.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you ever feel like you are on the edge of losing your sanity. Well this hits me from time to time. Why, I don't know. I know for one thing it is an attempt of Satan to try to get me down. But just for the record," Satan, you have no power over me, the blood of Jesus covers me." There I said it and now I feel better. Do yo think that you just need to make it public. Well, I do, its not that I am admitting that satan is winning but he fights and is trying to overcome us. I will not be overcome. I am trusting Jesus to carry me through this dark and dismal time. You know what, that is exactly what he is doing, carrying me, because if he wasn't I have not the strength on my own to make it. Jesus is wonderful, he is my guide, my peace, my strenght, my loving saviour and so much more. I cannot describe to you the depth of my feelings. My only hope is that you share them too. My prayers are with you and remember to trust Jesus.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I really enjoyed our sunday school lesson this morning. It was "What will you do with Jesus", it was based on this passage of scripture,

Matthew 27:22 Pilate said unto them, " what shall I then do with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, let him be crucified."

So many out in the world do not even know that they have a responsbility to decide what they are going to do with Christ, and then their are those who put him aside for the things of the world. They cannot come to terms with giving themselves soley to Christ who in loving mercy allowed himself to be nailed to a cross and hung to die. He did die, for you and me, for our sins. The question is and will always be "what will you do with Jesus". Give Jesus you heart, do not delay.

I encourage you to read this chapter in the Bible, you will see how Pilate marveled at Jesus. Jesus was accused of many things, false accusations, crimes he did not commit. He was put in the same category of Barabbas who was a murderer. Jesus had done only good, he had healed the sick, fed thousands, and tried to get the world to understand their need of a spiritual saviour not a political one. Today so many people are still falsely accusing God of all the wrong things in their life. They blame him for a loved ones death, a bad accident, or the fact they suffer from a long or terminal illness. All these things are blamed on God because, well, he claims to be "God" so he must be the cause for all this, or if he was so loving why would he allow this to happen to me. Jesus wants us to choose him, so therefore, we come back to the question. What will you do with Jesus.

If only there were more people who could understand that by choosing Jesus, making a choice to follow him will only make the load more bearable. Satan wants us to be held down, to feel hopeless and blame God, but there is a hope. We can give our guilt, our sins, even our sorrows, illnesses and losses to him. He want help you. He has promised grace that will make even the worst of times be a time of rejoicing. I love Jesus, and am so thankful that I gave my heart and life to him. I used to be overladen with the weight of my sin, the heaviness of guilt and when I gave my heart to Jesus he took all that away. I hope you will give Jesus your heart if you haven't. I will be praying that God will guide and direct your life so that you can have peace too.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thinking Lovely Thoughts.

Something has been on my mind lately, and as I have found out I am not the only one. This is as battle I fight and I think anyone living in this world has fought this battle. The battle is against negativity. We live among people who dwell on everything that is wrong in their life and everyone else's life. If you look at the headines it is never positive. If you read Philippians 4:8 it says, "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things. (KJV) This is not a request, it is a directive. We are to think lovely thoughts. I have found that even in my deepest darkest moments I can find something good in it because I have Jesus to lean on. Sometimes all I can do is pray and plead for divine intervention and thank God for the fact that he knows all about me and what I need. Recently someone at church testified and said that they did not even want to give satan anything to be glad about by stating how he had been fighting them. I sure do not want satan to be happy about his efforts to discourage me, neither do I want him to over hear me say it out loud. If we dwell on our discouragement we breed more discouragement. I will admit I have been guilty of doing this over and over again. This is something that God is helping me with, he is gracious to provide the strength to with-stand the temptation to complain. A practice I have made is when I am feeling down I go to the scripture and find a verse that lifts me up, I then share that with others. It is such a blessing to me when I find that verse helped someone else and encouraged them The Bible is full of promises from God, we can stand firm knowing that God will hold up his end of the bargain, he will never fail us.

I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. Psalms 34:1

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have had a little excitement in our house, last week Emily shut her finger in the truck and broke it. Actually at the hospital they said it was not broken but the next day our peds office called and said it was broken. So, this week went to see the orthopedic at childrens, the doctor there said it is healing fine but to keep a splint on for a couple weeks. We go back in two weeks to have them check it out. I thank the Lord that it was only her finger and not something much worse. Well I must hurry along. Have a nice day.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello all, I know it has been a really long time but I am trying to revive blog. I have recently gotten some inspiration to do that. So here goes. Life has been busy, we went on vacation a couple weeks ago. Gatalinburg was out destination and did we ever have a nice time. we hiked to a couple waterfalls, saw some wildlife including a bear mama with her 3 cubs, several deer, a fox, fifteen salamanders and some centipedes. A highlight of the trip was of course Dixie Stampede, the kids really enjoyed it and loved the food. I was a little taken back by having to eat with my fingers but I survived. One evening while we were there we decided to go up to Clingmans Dome which is the highest elevation there, our hopes were to see the mountains nestled in clouds but alas we were enveloped in a huge cloud bank it was, needless to say, a little disconcerting to be up there and not able to see. My husband expertly handled the truck and got us safely down from the mountain. I am going to close for now because I have children to get to bed, and I want to get to bed early tonight. I will blog more later.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I was driving down the road today and saw a church sign that said, "With God's love the world could change". I have been thinking about that statement and I have come to the conclusion that, that church really doesn't understand what this world needs. The Bible already says, "For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes on him, should not perish but have everlasting life." Maybe it was an error in what was actually put on that sign, but I think a more correct statement would be, " If the world would accept God's love it could change". God has already promised his love, and given us the gift of eternal life we just have to accept it. Barack Obama believes that logic should go before "religion", if religion is all you have then you have nothing to begin with. The bible says we should put God first, we are to love him with everything we have, our whole being. If you are doing that then it won't be a problem putting God first. Our president also has likened himself to Abraham Lincoln, I dare say he nothing like him. Lincoln was know for putting God first, he would not start a battle on the sabbath, he prayed in solitude to ask for wisdom. He was humble, when the civil war was won and the north was celebrating, they asked him for a celebratory song request and his request was. Dixie. His life exemplified Christ, we need to go back in the history of our country and our holiness heritage if we really want to get back to basics. So many are going to lose out because they think we need to be progressive and have a message that the world is comfortable with. We need no other message than the Bible, God's Holy Word. I just want others to relized that Jesus is all we need. He is our saviour, our comforter, our rock. He is everything.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am sitting here at my dining room table comtemplating things I have heard, events I don't understand. I can't even wrap my mind around it. I wish I could sort thru this confusing time. The one surety I have is that God knows and understands everything. When we don't understand we can just rest in the assurance that God is in control. I try to remember in times like these that when I become my weakest he can be the greatest strength. I want to always depend on him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello everyone. I have something I'm telling to tell but I can't. I wish I could tell you but I can't. Since I can't would the appropriate persons who can tell just get the word. Its killing me. I can't sleep, I can't eat, by the time you do tell I will be a waif that a gentle breeze could blow away probably all the way to the cold north, maybe somewhere in the adirondacks, oh well if I do. I will just drop in on my friends in Lake Placid, New York. Hey Kim, Hi Annette. How are you all doing. As soon as I get the green light I will let you know what the big secret is all about.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It was Sunday evening and I was so excited, Alex and Emily were going to sing "a song" in church that evening. They were excited too and kept asking if it was time for them to sing. Finally Bro. Stetler announced that Emily and Alex were going to sing. I followed them up and sat by the micorphone controls so I could their mics on. They did a wonderful job singing God is So Good, and then that is when things went slightly out of synce as to what was supposed to happen. Let me backtrack a little. Alex loves to have Sis. Stetler play the piano after church so he can sing. She decided to have him sing "a song", but every time that he sang he always wanted to sing the same three songs. Well now going forward to Sunday, song has ended and they should be putting the mics back but instead Alex leans toward Sis, Stetler pointing at her with two little fingers and conveyed to her he wanted to sing another song. And another song he did sing, once again the song ended and I went to turn the mics off but he once again leaned to Sis. Stetler and pointed again with his two little fingers and indicated he wanted to sing another song. Well thankfully after that one he felt that was enough, but oh boy, was it funny. I had tears pouring down my face just from trying to keep from busting out laughing. That is a momet in time I will never forget. After church someone asked me when his tour was to start. Yes, Alex had his own little concert. The songs they sang even though short choruses were so meaningful, God is So Good, The Happiness Secret, and Jesus Loves Me, have such a clear message of God and how he can impact our lives by is love, and we can reciprocate by returning that love with obedience.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok, I know your probably wondering what in the world. Well, santa made a late visit to us. Before he escaped I caught his picture. I am thinking of seeing how much money the tabloids will give me for this photo. Well, keep checking back. You never know whose picture might appear right here on my blog.

I know that I may complain about the cold, snowy, icy weather but I do have a part of it I love. That part is the beauty of. God can take some plain, ordinary and very dull looking landscape, shower it with snow and ice. It then turns into something so breathtaking, that you are reminded of God's great power. For instance take the biggest thunder head and place in it in front of the sun it turns into a beautiful cloud lined with silver, with rays so bright you hardly stand to look at. And now take your worst day and allow God to enter your life and guide you through it, and his grace will sustain you. I am so glad that God is in my life, I want to see his handy work in my like even in the bad times, and not just in the good times.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well as you can see, we have a little snow and ice.
The kids are enjoying it and love going out in it.
I get the fun of drying coats, gloves and hats in
between. I hope like the pictures, and for the
my Southern friends, don't you wish you were

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are getting our big snow. The one all you have wished for(don't include me). The kids have been out to play a couple times, they came back in snow covered, and wanting hot chocolate. I was able to run to the store and get some since its right down the road. They were very happy, I didn't get those cookies made but we make something even better. Scotcheroos. I am telling you what, these are the ultimate rice crispy treats. And they have no wheat. The recipe is as follows.

1cup sugar
1cup light corn syrup
1 cup peanut butter
6 cups rice crispies
12 oz bag of chocolate chips

Put sugar and corn syrup in sauce pan and bring to a boil on medium heat. Remove from heat and add peanut butter, mix thouroughly. Add this mixture to the rice crispies and mix together. Spread into buttered 9x13 pan. Melt chocolate chips either in double boiler, or in microwave and then spread onto rice crispies. Put in fridge until set and then enjoy.

When I eat these all the wonderful memories of childhood rush back. Now I can't garantee that will happen for you, I grew up eating these. The first time I had plain rice crispy treats I was sorely disappointed. I hope you try them and enjoy, because i'm not sharing.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well folks, I am battening down the hatches. I bought a gallon of milk and some oatmeal. I am about a ready as I will ever be. Snow and ice come what may, you can't get me down. I will go to my happy place and dream about white sand beaches, warm tropical waters. The sound of laughing children. Yeah, right. My day will consist of putting on snow clothes. Buttoning coats, covering head, and oh so much more. Wet carpet from the snow, cold breezes blowing when they open the door oh, so many times. The thing that will be the same is the laughing children. They will have so much and ask me to come and watch them as they fly "dangerously" down the little hill. They will come in with rosy cheeck and ask for hot chocolate, which I forgot to add to my list of snow emergency items. I hope it doesn't permantly hurt their fragile emotions. I will just bake some yummy, and I do mean yummy, gluten free chocolate chip cookies. So that Megan can eat as many as she wants without any problems. That is a story for another time. Well, the night is no longer young, and I am very tired. So I must prepare for bed. The children are "medicated" and will fall too sleep soon( I hope), and I will probably dream the night away. If you think that is restful think again. Even with all this I am at peace with my life, I look forward to the blessings in store, and I know that my Saviour will lead me through the day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I promised pictures so here they are. The kids enjoying various times of Christmas.

I am sorry you are still looking at Christmas trees but the place I get my backgrounds is down, hopefully next week I will change it. also I know I said I would post pictures but my computer keeps acting up and I can't download right now. Some updates on our life. Getting back into our school shedule has been rough, the kids had so much fun during Christmas that they are having trouble leaving it all behind. I am hoping and praying that this coming week goes much better. Last night we took the kids ice skating, it was so much fun, they all are progressing in their skill, Alex told me his legs are sore today from doing the splits, and his bottom is sore too. There were times when he was down more than he was up, but when he was up his body could harldy keep up with his feet. Megan told him he needed to stop trying to run. Emily surprisingly did very well, she is not the most coordinated child but she held her own pretty well. Megan on the other hand is getting around nicely. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds and had a treat, of the course the kids did not complain about that.

Well, I better sign off for now. My house is needing a little attention and there is a mound of dirty laundry calling my name. I must turn into whirlwind mode to get it all done so I can have a clean house for sunday. Enjoy your day, and remember keep the Lord first in your life and you will feel the Peace of God so completely.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Well, we have begun a new year. I hope everyone had a happy new year. Me and the kids celebrated, since my husband had to work. They stayed up til midnight and then we all went to bed. I know nothing to exciting. Poor little alex fell asleep as soon as we said happy new year.
Well, I have been super busy lately and I am trying to recover my house from the the holidays. So I will eventually get pictures posted. Goodbye for now.