Sunday, September 28, 2008

The "huge" slideshow below is of Alex's birthday. my baby turned 4 yesterday. It makes me sad to think it has been four years since I have held him in my arms as an infant. He is getting to be so big and keeps me hopping with his antics. His hugs are wonderful and sweet kisses, I hope he never out grows the hugs. If he thinks I might be sad he will give me a hug, he hugs me when he is sad too. I love my little boy so much. He got some great things, clothes, a new football, a bike that looks like a motor cross bike, it even has shocks. I will have to post a picture of that I forgot to do that. He also got some lego's. Grandma Holloway, who is so far away in Florida, sent some money, money is a big thing for him now.

I have to tell you this. Saturday morning when Alex woke up and I was telling him that he was four now, he just couldn't beleive it. He kept asking me, right now, and I said yes right now. His first response, I have to see how big I am. Its funny how as children we want to grow up and then as adults we wish we could back in time. Well, as we all know time keeps marching on whether we it to or not. My advice is, enjoy the time while we have it and trust God to get us thorugh the hard spots for there will be many.