Monday, February 2, 2009

It was Sunday evening and I was so excited, Alex and Emily were going to sing "a song" in church that evening. They were excited too and kept asking if it was time for them to sing. Finally Bro. Stetler announced that Emily and Alex were going to sing. I followed them up and sat by the micorphone controls so I could their mics on. They did a wonderful job singing God is So Good, and then that is when things went slightly out of synce as to what was supposed to happen. Let me backtrack a little. Alex loves to have Sis. Stetler play the piano after church so he can sing. She decided to have him sing "a song", but every time that he sang he always wanted to sing the same three songs. Well now going forward to Sunday, song has ended and they should be putting the mics back but instead Alex leans toward Sis, Stetler pointing at her with two little fingers and conveyed to her he wanted to sing another song. And another song he did sing, once again the song ended and I went to turn the mics off but he once again leaned to Sis. Stetler and pointed again with his two little fingers and indicated he wanted to sing another song. Well thankfully after that one he felt that was enough, but oh boy, was it funny. I had tears pouring down my face just from trying to keep from busting out laughing. That is a momet in time I will never forget. After church someone asked me when his tour was to start. Yes, Alex had his own little concert. The songs they sang even though short choruses were so meaningful, God is So Good, The Happiness Secret, and Jesus Loves Me, have such a clear message of God and how he can impact our lives by is love, and we can reciprocate by returning that love with obedience.


Linda said...

To cute, I am sorry I missed it.

matannjess said...

I just love the innocent things kids do. Times like those are when you need a video camera.