Sunday, August 26, 2007

Only A Pair Of Shoes

This is a little story that is true about a little girls pair shoes(Emily's) that God saved from being lost forever. It was a week and half ago very hot and after church one weds evening Megan and Emily took their shoes off after church, as usual. Well I came and hustled them into the van not giving the the shoes, or their lack of, another thought. We drove home up and down hills, on the expressway and hitting a few bumps along the way. If you know anything about full size vans the rear shocks no matter how new are never that great. We made it home safe and sound and as I was about to get out of the van, Emily piped up and said, "mommy did you get my shoes off the back of the van". My reply, "Emily, what do you mean did I get your shoes off the back of the van, no I didn't. I am sure they are gone now, there is no way they would still be there." I immediately started thinking, " I don't have the money to be new shoes right now. What am I going to do?" Well of course I had to walk to the back of the van even though I knew they would not be there, but to my surprise there sat two little white shoes as if it was no big deal to ride on the bumper of a van. I was speachless, to say least. How was it possible. The only answer I could come up and I think its the only answer. God!!!!! With him all things are possible and if he should see fit that a little girls shoes will make home on the back bumper of a van, 15 miles I should add, then make it home they will. This was a lesson I was able to share with my children, how wonderful God was and how he knew that we needed those shoes. As the days go by I think about this and am amazed more and more. I know this seems so small and unimportant but God thought it was important.


Leslie Holloway said...

Hey sis,
It sure is amazing how God is always looking out for us even when we don't realize it at the time. He took what we might believe at the time was impossible and made it totally possible! God truly knew that you didn't have the funds for new shoes since the beginning of time... and that is what really blows my mind. God is all-knowing and ever since time began He knew that many years down the road your shoe situation would take place and at that time He already had the situation solved! The shoes stayed put!!! We can never fully comprehend here how He can possibly work these small miracles that always turn out to be such BIG lessons for us! I am simply amazed by His faithfulness to His Own and the power He has to do all the amazing things He does!
Thank you for sharing your story and may it be a lesson to us all... God will NEVER leave us nor forsake us! Keep blogging sis and I'll keep reading and commenting. Check out my blog site as well.
I'll type more later! Give everyone a hug for me! Love You!

matannjess said...

How awesome is our Lord. What an encouragement to me to hear others praising the Lord. I've seen miracles in Matt and I's life and it's great to know He is working everywhere. Keep up the good work and never stop giving praise to the Lord.