Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We are into our fourth week of school, I can hardly believe it. Time is going so much faster than I could have imagined. Emily is doing well learning to write her letters and numbers, although she hates doing it. We will be starting to work on phonics much more in depth this week although she is doing well at letter recognition and beginning letter sounds. Megan hit upon a new math concept today it proved more time consuming but I think I was able to explain it in away that she could understand. Alex will be going to preschool tomorrow. I debated long and hard on this, Randy really wanted him to go so we decide to let him go. It is a baptist preschool so they do teach them some things about Jesus and true meaning of Christmas and Easter it does make me feel a little better. He also enjoys going there, he went last year. It will be helpful for me because he has been very demanding of my time when I need to focus on the girls. Well I need to go. Please continue to pray for my family. God is really helping us and I know he will continue.