Saturday, September 29, 2007

I just wanted to stop by and add a note. In reality I am exhausted I have had a big day, Alex's birthday, and I am packing to leave for florida which is stressful in itself because my father is dying with cancer, I would write more about that but my mother has lovingly kept a log of that on a website which you can reach through my links. The real reason I wanted to write is actually funny. Megan who for about 2 yrs now has not worn pajamas to bed related to sensory issues related to anxiety and so on, well tonight again with no pajamas she standing in her room and puts on her slippers and then says to me "I need some pajamas", and I reply, "oh, so now you need pajamas". So she starts looking for some pajamas and then asked me, " can you find me some blue pajamas", and I say, "Megan I don't know where any blue pajamas are, why do you need blue pajamas," and her reply," don't you think I would look better with pajamas that match my slippers." I am speechless literally speechless and the more I think about it I just want to lauph long and hard if you only new her like I do you would understand but this was just something I had to share. She did find some blue pajamas that matched her slippers and yes she looks mutch better, and it has nothing to do with them matching her slippers. Well good night, and sleep tight.


matannjess said...

Hey Girl,
melissa just gave me your web site address. what beautiful kids. praying for you. annette