Sunday, October 21, 2007

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We are having a nice time with mom, we are trying to keep the kids busy and to wear them out. Ha, ha. I think it is working the other way because their energy is never ending but I am exhausted by evening time and sometimes before. We have been to Fort DeSoto and did some fishing and the kids played in water for a little while until a local highschool decided to have marching band practice right on the beach, well we packed up and left. We then made another beach attempt this past friday(which was successful I might add). We went to Seista Key, and went to Sarasota Beach. It is really a beautiful beach, white, power sand and very big too. When we first arrived we notice it was raining out over the ocean. Well not long after we had our umbrellas set up started having fun we got hit with a huge rain storm. The beach cleared of almost everyone except us. We were determined to wait it out hoping it would be a typical tropical rain strom and only last a little while. In the mean time one of umbrellas started to come loose because of the wind so mom decided to take it out of its hole and put it down only she kind've did it backwards she did not fold it up first, well you might have guessed by now what transpired. Yes, she just about become a modern day Mary Poppins, the wind gusted hard and and it started to lift and pull her along and then next thing we know is mom and the umbrella were on the ground and she is sitting in the umbrella. At first we were worried but then everyone started lauphing and we managed to closed the umbrella. The rain finally did stop and left us cold and drenched until the sun came out again which was quickly. It turned out to be a beautiful day and the kids had alot of fun. Oh, yeah, no marching band showed up that day. We were able to enjoy God's wonder. We are making good memories and the kids are having a great time.