Saturday, October 6, 2007

I wanted to share one of God's wonders with you. I have never seen the sky like this before and it comes at a time when we are watching our father leave this world for his heavenly home. To all of us here at my parents it was symbolic in the fact that it looked like God was preparing a roadway for dad to take. The Streaks in the sky went from east to west. You could not see where they started from or where they ended. It was amazing. At this time 1:40 am Friday morning we are all sitting in the living room waiting for the end to come. He is comfortable and peaceful. I know God is going to take him home soon and when he does there will be great rejoicing. I think of John Bunyan's, Pilgrims Progress, and Christian was crossing river and the waves where almost covering his head but he could see the celestial city and then he foot touched the bottom and he realized he was not going to drown and not make journey complete. I feel that is where my father is now. He is crossing over but it is a struggle but soon his feet will feel solid ground underneath and he will make it victorious to the celestial city where the shining ones will welcome him home along with all the saints that have gone on before him. It is bitter sweet, we are losing him here but heaven is gaining one of its own. I will sign off for now.
Please pray for us during this time.


Leslie Holloway said...

Hey sis,
I am keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers. I really love this picture, could you send it to my email? I hope that You, your kids, Mom and Lisa are doing well, staying encouraged and close to Christ! Till we meet again, Leslie