Thursday, May 1, 2008

She could not see the heavenly host around her ready to do battle when the Master gave the word. She seemed to be walking under a cloud, but what she did not know was that satan had sent his imps to try and weigh her down with so many little things that she felt like she couldn't see through the haze to the light. Their claws dug deeper into her shoulders has her burden seemed heavier. The heavenly host looked to the Master as if to say, "now". With tears in his eyes he shook his head and whispered " the time is not right". The young mother of three drove to church still heavy with burden but she knew that so man times God had lifter her burden here at this wonderful place where his presence was welcome. As she unloaded her children the devilish foes hung on tighter they hated this place, but they would fight till the end just to win her soul back. If they could only make her feel hopeless enough it just might work. She walked into church with a tremulous smile on her face trying to appear brave, greeting those she met along the way. They found their seat, her and her three children, as the demons were seething in hatred for this "House of God". Their beady little eyes scanned the room, and began trembling in fear as they saw the heavenly host accompanying each of the righteous. There were so many, they brandished there double edged swords which glinted in their brighteness. Church began, the songs were sung with fervour, a few testimonies were given and then it happened, she stood to her feet with tears in her eyes praising God even in the midst of her trouble. Their evil claws dug in even deeper but began to tremble as swords were draw in a stance for battle. "Let us pray for this one", the preacher said. So around the altar they gathered beseeching God in the name of his Son, the Light of The World. The heavenly host looked again to the Master and at his nod of approval they began to battle. Swords clashed, some bright and shiny and the others gray and jagged. The evil ones fought dirty, trying to injure the beautful shining beings who fought for this young women. Some of the angels even surrounded her to provide protection. Then she did something the demons were not expecting, "I plead the blood of Jesus", they heard her say. Oh, no they groaned this was not good. The heavenly host parted as the Master walked towards her and laid his nail peirced hands on her shoulders. The light of his glory shown round about her. The demons fell back screaming as the brightness touched them searing them with its force, and with the wave of his hand they were sent back to the deep dark pit from which they came. Suddenly she felt the light of God's love around her and praises rang forth from her lips. She could face another day. The battle had been won.


Lavy Country said...

I love this post. I can so relate. I'm so thankful for the power of the blood of Jesus. Thank you for leaving me a comment. It is such a surprise to hear from people you haven't seen in such a long time -- I just love it. The wonder of the Blog! (I do remember you :) Very nice family. Thank you for the advice and encouraging post. My HA is gone - thank the Lord. I feel it was stress related and was broken with a Toradol shot (which was effective with the help of the Lord). Sorry for the lengthy comment. So nice to hear from you and hope you're doing well.