Friday, August 29, 2008

As most of you well know children can be quite facetious at times. The other day one of two(Emily or Alex) got into something, of which I cannot recall at this time, and neither would own up to it. We were eating lunch at the time and they kept blaming each other. Alex in all inocence looked at me and said "mommy why don't you ask Jesus who did", then started a discussion about whether God talks to me or not and how that might happen. Well, Alex insisted I pray to get an answer so I prayed but instead of asking for an answer I prayed that the one who had done the wrong would feel that they would need to confess and learn to be obedient and not lie. After praying Alex immediately wanted to know what Jesus said to me. I tried my best to explain that we don't always get an answer right away and that they needed to tell me who had done the wrong because they need to understand that it is wrong to lie. I never did get an answer from the kids but I am depending on God's wisdom in dealing with these frequent episode of "he said, she said, or he did it or she did". They certainly keep me busy creating ways to explain and give answers that they can understand.