Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Driving down the expressway they sat their discussing the strange gray haze hanging over the city, if only their eyes could see what that cloud held, fear would have overtaken them.
Hoards of angry and petulant imps flew over the city, their presence so thick that a gray cloud could be seen by those who beheld it. The world was watching this great nation, another election day was here and Satan was working hard to get his man in the White House. One who would be in a position to change the very moral values of legislation, beginning a new era. An era of darkness for those who opposed evil. These evil beings flew in and out of polling stations, even having the audacity to follow many into the voting booth itself, whispering into the ears of many suggestive thoughts of changing there mind on who to vote for. Telling lies and giving them visions of granduer if this man, who appeared so smooth and promising, was the next leader of the country they loved. So many were already fooled into thinking he would save this country from utter ruin.
Another vision this couple could behold would bring them comfort, if only their eyes could be opened to see beyond the unseen.
Millions, maybe even billions of glorified beings were hovering about sheilding the righteous from evil, it was at every turn. The Son, who is the light of the world, was mounted on his pure white stead, brandishing the Sword of Truth, The Holy Word of God, his father. The evil beings did not dare approach, if they came to close to his presence they were forced by his power to acknowledge his as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. They knew they were allowed out of the fiery pit by his own permission. He is all powerful, and in complete control, there is nothing he has not planned to the most perfect detail. The promised Holy Spirit was felt by the righteous as they voted according to the will of God, trying to keep the voice of evil from leading their country to ruin. Heavenly beings gaurded them from the the attacks and screams of satans forces. Satan himself was not on the scene he was hiding in a cave, in a far east corner of the world. The presence of the Almighty was too strong, he could even feel it now just thinking about. His thoughts turned proud and haughty when he thought of how he would be the conqueror, he would win the battle, the war, entire thing. He started lauphing at the visions he had of Jesus cowering before him, before he killed him once and for all. All of a sudden a bright light shown in the cave, so bright it blinded him with its pureness. The Presence was there, the one who made turned him into a sniveling, whining imp. He groaned with the force of it. Suddenly a book was put before and it was turned to the last page, the story was there, it spelled it all out, he would lose. In defiance Satan turned away and ran into the desert. Noooo, he screamed, I will win, you will see. Out of knowhere a peircing light touched his right hip, he stumbled and screamed in pain. Limping he continued running trying to get away.
Back in the US the evil demons continued their meddling and the Heavenly host stood by waiting their instructions. Darkness was falling across the city, time was closing in, what would happen, who would win this battle. Prepare your hearts and minds for the decision that could change the way we live, what our freedoms are, but remember God is in control, nothing is out of his control and he will give us grace to go through whatever we must. Pray . . .