Saturday, November 22, 2008

Motherhood was never promised to be easy, I never expected it too be but does it have to be so hard. Like every mom I know, it is a continual learning process, but there are those who make it seem so easy. I have to admit I am not very organized, I have struggled with this my whole life. My lack of organized does not come from my mom, or dad. They both always seemed to have it together, and could follow a list and get it done but me, you give me a list and I just about hyperventilate. I feel so much pressure that I probably won't be able to accomplish much on the list, or I start one thing and the will begin another before one is complete. It must be ADD. I have said this to say this, since I can't be organized I am learning to delegate. Maybe if I teach my kids how to do the things I struggle with at least someone will get it done or it will free me up to do those things I don't always have time to get too. For instance, Megan has shown a real interest in doing laundry, she likes to load the washing machine and dryer and I am teaching her how much soap and softner to put in. She is being very handy at this. It is amazing how much something little like that helps me out. The girls also like to clean the bathroom, well I say go at it. Tonight, Emily and Alex, washed some of the dishes for me and put them in the dishwasher. Yes there was squabbling involved but they did make a dent in the pile of dishes for me. Megan, cleaned her room(without arguing) and swept it, what a huge help this was. I must say that the Lord is helping me in how to raise my children and teach them the necessary things in life. I also want them to learn the importance of obedience and serving Jesus. This learning process, for everyone involved, is not easy. It has its ups and downs, and rough spots throughout any given day, but I know that putting my trust in the Lord will keep me going and he will give me the necessary tools to teach my children.