Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am sorry you are still looking at Christmas trees but the place I get my backgrounds is down, hopefully next week I will change it. also I know I said I would post pictures but my computer keeps acting up and I can't download right now. Some updates on our life. Getting back into our school shedule has been rough, the kids had so much fun during Christmas that they are having trouble leaving it all behind. I am hoping and praying that this coming week goes much better. Last night we took the kids ice skating, it was so much fun, they all are progressing in their skill, Alex told me his legs are sore today from doing the splits, and his bottom is sore too. There were times when he was down more than he was up, but when he was up his body could harldy keep up with his feet. Megan told him he needed to stop trying to run. Emily surprisingly did very well, she is not the most coordinated child but she held her own pretty well. Megan on the other hand is getting around nicely. On the way home we stopped at McDonalds and had a treat, of the course the kids did not complain about that.

Well, I better sign off for now. My house is needing a little attention and there is a mound of dirty laundry calling my name. I must turn into whirlwind mode to get it all done so I can have a clean house for sunday. Enjoy your day, and remember keep the Lord first in your life and you will feel the Peace of God so completely.


matannjess said...

i love the picture of the reindeer. What an unusually cute one!!