Monday, January 26, 2009

Well folks, I am battening down the hatches. I bought a gallon of milk and some oatmeal. I am about a ready as I will ever be. Snow and ice come what may, you can't get me down. I will go to my happy place and dream about white sand beaches, warm tropical waters. The sound of laughing children. Yeah, right. My day will consist of putting on snow clothes. Buttoning coats, covering head, and oh so much more. Wet carpet from the snow, cold breezes blowing when they open the door oh, so many times. The thing that will be the same is the laughing children. They will have so much and ask me to come and watch them as they fly "dangerously" down the little hill. They will come in with rosy cheeck and ask for hot chocolate, which I forgot to add to my list of snow emergency items. I hope it doesn't permantly hurt their fragile emotions. I will just bake some yummy, and I do mean yummy, gluten free chocolate chip cookies. So that Megan can eat as many as she wants without any problems. That is a story for another time. Well, the night is no longer young, and I am very tired. So I must prepare for bed. The children are "medicated" and will fall too sleep soon( I hope), and I will probably dream the night away. If you think that is restful think again. Even with all this I am at peace with my life, I look forward to the blessings in store, and I know that my Saviour will lead me through the day.