Sunday, May 31, 2009

I really enjoyed our sunday school lesson this morning. It was "What will you do with Jesus", it was based on this passage of scripture,

Matthew 27:22 Pilate said unto them, " what shall I then do with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, let him be crucified."

So many out in the world do not even know that they have a responsbility to decide what they are going to do with Christ, and then their are those who put him aside for the things of the world. They cannot come to terms with giving themselves soley to Christ who in loving mercy allowed himself to be nailed to a cross and hung to die. He did die, for you and me, for our sins. The question is and will always be "what will you do with Jesus". Give Jesus you heart, do not delay.

I encourage you to read this chapter in the Bible, you will see how Pilate marveled at Jesus. Jesus was accused of many things, false accusations, crimes he did not commit. He was put in the same category of Barabbas who was a murderer. Jesus had done only good, he had healed the sick, fed thousands, and tried to get the world to understand their need of a spiritual saviour not a political one. Today so many people are still falsely accusing God of all the wrong things in their life. They blame him for a loved ones death, a bad accident, or the fact they suffer from a long or terminal illness. All these things are blamed on God because, well, he claims to be "God" so he must be the cause for all this, or if he was so loving why would he allow this to happen to me. Jesus wants us to choose him, so therefore, we come back to the question. What will you do with Jesus.

If only there were more people who could understand that by choosing Jesus, making a choice to follow him will only make the load more bearable. Satan wants us to be held down, to feel hopeless and blame God, but there is a hope. We can give our guilt, our sins, even our sorrows, illnesses and losses to him. He want help you. He has promised grace that will make even the worst of times be a time of rejoicing. I love Jesus, and am so thankful that I gave my heart and life to him. I used to be overladen with the weight of my sin, the heaviness of guilt and when I gave my heart to Jesus he took all that away. I hope you will give Jesus your heart if you haven't. I will be praying that God will guide and direct your life so that you can have peace too.


Kelly S said...

What would we do without Jesus? I can't imagine going through life's trials without God as my strength! I enjoyed your song tonight. You did a beautiful job, as you always do. Little Alex made it even more beautiful! So sweet!