Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you ever feel like you are on the edge of losing your sanity. Well this hits me from time to time. Why, I don't know. I know for one thing it is an attempt of Satan to try to get me down. But just for the record," Satan, you have no power over me, the blood of Jesus covers me." There I said it and now I feel better. Do yo think that you just need to make it public. Well, I do, its not that I am admitting that satan is winning but he fights and is trying to overcome us. I will not be overcome. I am trusting Jesus to carry me through this dark and dismal time. You know what, that is exactly what he is doing, carrying me, because if he wasn't I have not the strength on my own to make it. Jesus is wonderful, he is my guide, my peace, my strenght, my loving saviour and so much more. I cannot describe to you the depth of my feelings. My only hope is that you share them too. My prayers are with you and remember to trust Jesus.