Friday, July 31, 2009

Here is a little update on our life in Kentucky. As it goes with almost everyone, with children, school will be starting soon. I am waiting on part of our curriculum to arrive, I should say anxiously waiting. The kids are excited, looking forward to a fresh start and new adventures. I am changing things around this year, I have chosen as our unit study curriculum to use My Fathers World. This encompass, history, geography, science, and so much more. As for spelling, I am using, Rod & Staff's, Spelling By Sound and Structure, and then their penmanship for Megan. We are using Writing Strands and Emma Searl's Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons. And, of course the library will provide us with a vast qantity of books to read. Before I forget I am going back to Math-U-See for the girls. I like the format of weekly lessons instead of daily lessons. I used that the first year I homeshcooled and liked it but due to trying to be cost effective, I did some other things. My little Alex, who will be 5 in september will be doing Kindergarten work. I am using My Fathers World A to Z for him, that is a complete kindergarten curriculum and I like that format also, it is weekly lessons too. I have to say that God has really guided me and helped me in choosing the work we are to do this year, without his help I would still be floundering in the mess of what to choose. He also provided so much for us that the cost out of pocket was minimal.

We have another blessing coming our way, my mother is moving close by, about 15 minutes away. Praise the Lord, this has been a prayer of mine and God knows how much I need her near to provide encouragement and support. She is such wonderful mother and has always tried to guide me in the paths of righteousness. It will be a joy to have her near.

It has been a rainy summer and although my tomato plants are loaded down with tomatoes they are all green except one I picked and one a squirrel stole. I am praying for a bountiful crop so I can can some sauce this year. The Lord knows our need.

That pretty much is the story of our lives at this point. Not to exciting I realize but maybe we will have some excitement to tell you about someday. Enjoy the weather wherever you maybe.