Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disaster diverted.

Lifes has been a little crazy and busy, but in the midst of that crazy busyness my wash machine that we bought less than two years ago started acting strangley. Making a strange noise and would not complete all cycles. I noticed an error message and finally went on line to see if I could find any information regarding that. I will say the Lord is good because with the information I got of the web, I was able to figure out that my wash machine has a water pump with a lint trap on it. After cleaning the ball of lint and several coins out my wash machine is working like new. I will not check monthly to make sure it does not get clogges. I was also thinking that our lives are little like that sometimes when we are getting rid of issues or giving our problems to
God we tend to grasp at the fragments that trail behind. We need to make sure we are giving it all to God not just what we think is improtant. My mom has this saying, " its the little foxes that spoil the grapes", little things can hold us back and we need to pay attention or we will be taking it all in but not letting go our probems. Give your all to God, he wants to carry your burdens.