Thursday, August 20, 2009

Learning as I go

I have to admit I am not the most organized person. Just trying to get organized can be quite difficult, but I have talked to God about this and have requested his help and you know what is happening. He is helping me. Are you surprised? I'm not, he has proven true in difficult circumstances before and he his proving true once again. I am not trying to be super organized or get everything done in one day, I am building on what I have learned each day. Maybe we could call it "saxon organization", whatever it is its working. The fun part is I am getting my kids in on the fun. They are learning organization with me. I have figured out that if they can get in a routine of doing the same things everyday like, empty the dishwasher, take dirty laundry to laundry room, and unload washer and load dryer, along with cleaning their rooms each day and just getting into the habit of helping when asked. This has worked wonders, they have quickly learned that it is easier to get it done early then to miss on playtime later. I don't claim to be the next writer of a book on organizing you house, or getting your kids to cooperate but I just wanted to blog about it. I have actually gotten a lot of tips from other bloggers and different website who offer home organization tips. Also our unit study curriculum gave tips on keeping your kids organized and doing their chores along with their school schedule. It keeps on track with our day and they are up and moving so when the "school bell rings" they have gotten their brain cells active and are ready for some learning. I'm telling it works, think about kids who may ride the bus to school or sleep until the last minute, when it comes time to sitting down at their desk they are still lethargic, cold and just want to lay their head down and sleep. The was my oldest last year. I thought that if she is always so tired then she must need her sleep, so I waited to get her up and even when she did, she would come to the couch with a blanket moan and groan about having to busy with school. On top of that, fights would break out between the three and then I would get stressed and frustrated and just plain ready to give up. God has promised to give us wisdom if we ask, what better to ask for than wealth or a better job, or even a bigger house. I don't need any of that, because it is wise to always depend on God for what we need, and since wisdom is my current and ongoing need that is my request. God has been faithful to provide for that request. I also believe that in order to teach out children to live godly lives they need to learn to honor their family and work together. Do I expect everyday to go smoothly, oh no, but I do know that God will give me the wisdom with each new day he allows me to enjoy on this earth.

Here is a couple links to blogs that have proved useful to me, and in the meantime read Ephesians chapter 5


matannjess said...

sounds like you have been given some good insight. now the hard thing to do is keep it up! Love ya girl!

Bev said...

I figure it would be easier to keep with the schedule than to get in the rut I found us last year. The kids fight me less with school, at least so far, when they are in their routine. I am depending on God's grace to keep me going. Love ya too.