Sunday, March 2, 2008

Have you ever come to church and just knew God was working right in the midst of everyone, you can feel his presence hovering so close and feel like answers to prayer are just about to happen. Well this morning was like that. The kids went to there sunday school class and Bro. Tillman came to the front for the adult class and all of a sudden I could feel God's presence so strong. Tears came to my eyes as I sat there. Before we even had prayer, Sis. Winkler spoke up and gave God thanks that he is working there lives. They have some foster children in there care that are to be adopted by a lesbian couple and they have prayed, the church has prayed and waited for God to change the way things were going. Well, she was told by the social worker that they need to take a second look into whether or not this situation was best for these boys. I praise God that he is working. I have just been believing that God would take care of this situation. I praise him, and rejoice in his works.

Now onto the Sunday school lessen. I recieve such good help in our class and this morning was like no other. The lessen was about The Word of God, it was given by inspiration of God, it is God breathed. Therefore it is holy, we should honor God's word and as Jesus said, if you love me keep my commandments. Towards the end of the lessen he hit upon something that I really needed to see it in the Bible, because I don't know how many times I have heard, "That's according to your, their's or whoevers, interpretation." I will say this, I do not interpret the scripture, God's does that for me. Well here the verse. II Peter, 1:20 Knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. There are not many different ways to look at the doctrine of the Bible. There are many who have tried to say that the Bible says many different things to fit there life, that way they don't have to change there life style, or actions, how they dress, what activities they are involved. Even whether or not they live to close to the ways of the world. God's does not have a different message depending your denomination. We are to live by the Bible. The best advice I can give is you take the Bible and read it and ask God to tell you what it means. I hope that someone can recieve help from this. I love all of you and want everyone to make it to heaven. Give God your all. Give him every aspect of you life. Let him be in control.