Monday, March 10, 2008

If you have children you have had your fare share of excitement, and we had ours yesterday. I had actually gone to work and planned on a quiet day nothing exciting when I got the first call with husband saying, "I think Alex broke his finger", of course I suggested they go to the hospital, but later he called to say Alex's finger was sore but he was moving it without trouble and seemed to be fine, disaster #1 averted. Now onto call #2, my husband franticly says,"meet me at the hospital, I think Emily is missing a bunch of teeth", no other information, thoughts running through my mind, how bad was she would she be ok, would she need surgery ..., on and on. I started praying as I headed onto the road, thanking the Lord for my children, placing them in his hands and driving safely within the speed limit. I knew me getting pulled over or in an accident would only make things worse. Well I get to the hospital and they direct me to the room she was in, my first look at her was with fear and trepidation, she had blood all over mouth, and her mouth had blood in it, and I couldn't see any top teeth. I went to her reassure her that I had been praying and said a quick prayer with her there and told her Jesus would look out for her. The Cincinnati Children's Hospital is a great place and they always make you as comfortable as you can be, they took good care of Emily. As the story goes a metal saucer sled was at the bottom of the hill where they were sledding and Emily went down on another sled face first, she hit the saucer at the bottom mashing her teeth out and in. My husband realized quickly that something was wrong and rushed her to the hospital. When he called me I hear could Emily crying in the background that she did not want to go to the hospital. She tends to panic with a little scratch, this was not just a little scratch. After being at the hospital for several hours, and seeing many doctors and nurses, and having an x-ray of her mouth they determined that she had alread lost 3 teeth and would two more needed pulled, all this from the top, one tooth on the bottom was pushed in and loosened and we were told to just let her wiggle it our on her own when she felt like it. He gums are pretty messed up but will heal. Also, some of the bone around her teeth was fractured but that will heal itself. God designed out mouth in such a wonderful way that it will reshape and form itself without much help. I thank the Lord that this was not worse then it was. The Lord was protecting her even in this. I know that there are lot worse things then losing some teeth in this way. She may have to change her eating habits for a while, but she will manage. Right now our prayer request is that she will feel only minimal pain, and that she will be willing to at least drink something. She is having a hard time with pain when she swallows, but the other hand she won't take anything for pain because it hurts when she tries to swallow that too. We appreciate you prayers. I know she will be fine, she is in God's hands.