Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Discovering Kentucky #3

Before the bees

Rain, rain and more rain.

Chocolate waterfall.

Chocolate Flood.

Ok, you might ask why three parts to this trip. Well by doing this I can break up our trip by subjects and it keeps me organized and to the point. This part focuses on what could have ruined our trip beyond the no fishing. Monday, when we went to the falls the day started out sunny hot and humid, ok I can handle that I just wanted to doing something fun with the kids. #1 problem, the kids. They whined and whined about well anything and everything. If they weren't happy about one thing it was another. I felt like we would get one issue settled with would be something else. Arguing over seating was the main thing at first, and then it was I'm bored. When are we going to be there at least a "million times". I can handle this I really can. Finally we are there. I'm hungry, hot, tired you name, it started again. Well went to see the falls just so they could see the drive was worth it and then off to the picnic area to each lunch, or so I thought. It was a beautful shelter and could be used in the winter,and maybe we should do that sometime, because it had a fire place on all sides of the center chimney. The first sign of troub le was the fact that the picnic tables were infest with spider webs and many egg sacks underneath. We noticed a picnic table up the hill a little ways out in the open and seemed fairly spider free. So the food is gotten out and drinks are opened and we discovered some other not so appealing friends stopping by to share our meal, bees. Several in fact which started pandamonium in the ranks, complete mutiny the girls screamed and screamed, well I could keep repeating that one. Now I am not so fond of bees and I could have handled them except the girls were so paniced that I had to try to difuse the situation. Let me interject that Alex and I my husband sat calmly at the table with the bees and ate, the girls and I never did eat much at that time and when my husband finished eating we left and the screaming stopped. No one got stung but unless all the bees become extinct, I don't think the girls will ever go back there, at least not willingly. Situation #2, can it get any worse? As we are loading everything back up a storm rolled in with some low thunderings and drops of rain. We figured it would pass by quickly(we were wrong) so we went to the lodge to get out of the rain. We stayed there for a while playing checkers and having a generally relaxing time. Emily decide we were going to stay there because it might be to rainy to drive home. She always has great ideas like that. After about 30 minutes the rain appeared to be stopping so we loaded back up to go back to the falls to walk some trails. As soon as we got back, it started raining again and proceded to rain for the next hour and half, or somewhere around there. This really could ruin our day, but it turned out to be very relaxing just watching the rain, going into the gift shop and little museum. Randy bought us all a candy stick and we waited out the rain. The kids at first did not think of going out in the rain, but then puddle jumping started even with my warning of wet socks and shoes. Kids will be kids. Ok, now it has finally stopped. We went back to the falls, and then proceded to follow a path down to the river, which proved tricky due to the rain with does not soak into rocks it turns into waterfalls, one particular one we called a chocolate water fall because of the mud it had in it, this one was covering most of the path except for a skinney space to the side, determinedly we kept on, more wet shoes but oh, so much fun. The kids enjoyed this so much, I would do it all over again. Well, I don't think there are anymore noteworth catastrophes to mention. The rest of the day was nice and we got back to the house without a problem.

I might add that if you should ever want to buy a second home close the Lake Cumberland, now would be the time. Property values are way down because of the problem with the dam. I hope you have enjoyed our trip.


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