Saturday, July 26, 2008

My kids say many funny things to me, and between Alex and I, we have this running joke that he just happened at our doorstep, or we found him on the highway ect. Well last night I was telling him what a nice little boy he was and I thought I might keep him for my own. Well, this time he played along instead of saying your just joking. He turned and looked at me and said, "what will you give me", I had to lauph and started naming some of his favorite toys and he was saying "oh, boy" and getting excited about it, then he said, "what about food". So I started telling him different things he liked to eat. It was really funny, probably one of those, you had to be there to really enjoy it. He has such a sense of humor which I think is so important for children to develop because it can help smooth out the rough spots in life if you can look at the funny things that happen. I have many Aunts and Uncles and especially on my mom's side of the family they all would joke around and tease, in a fun way, and to this day my Uncle Phil can catch me of gaurd and make me lauph. When you realize how God designed each of us in our own special way you have to be amazed that he thought that humor would be something good to add the human mind. I have learned that you get much further in dealing with difficult people if you throw in some humor or maybe just a smile of understanding. A soft word turns away wrath, as Solomon once said. Have a blessed weekend and remember the Lords Day to keep it Holy.