Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Discovering Kentucky

How many times do you go on vacation only to leave your state of residence without realizing the wealth of beauty it may hold. So many people talk about wanting to go overseas to visit another country, "why, I'm not sure maybe its discontent with what we have right here, wanderlust or some other reason". Out state of Ky holds a wealth a history and scenery that unless you go see it you might never know its there. Randy the kids and I went to Somerset, Ky to see some of the sights, mainly to go to Lake Cumberland to fish. Unfortunately that did not happen, because the dam which is badly in need of repair could burst at anytime and cause mass flood, so, they have lowered the water level of the lake to a point that the only way to fish is to go out in a boat. The banks are very steep and there is no dock fishing at this time. Megan, I might add, was disappointed to tears because she was calling this our fishing trip and she loves to fish. Since Kentucky holds so much other beauty we were not kept down very long. My husband stopped by a travel center and asked some questions and was given advice on what to do so instead of fishing we drove 36 miles to Cumberland Falls. Randy and I have been there before but not the kids so away we went. We had an enjoyable time time for the most part. The falls were beautiful and the nature around filled me with joy at being God's child and having an understanding that this was created by him. I was able to explain that what we see around us in nature is God's finger prints of beauty that he gave to us to enjoy. The above are some pictures of what we saw.