Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Does Jesus really accept us as we are? This thought keeps running through my head. What would Jesus say about this subject. Can we really come to him for salvation or claim salvation if we say well Jesus loves me as I am, even if I am willful, or still doing things that the Bible(God's Word) tells us are wrong. There is a big movement in the "new" form of worship in churches which says come as you are. Yes I think we have to love people even if they are sinners but we cannot let them think they will get to heaven just believing that Jesus loves us as we are. The Bible says, God does not hear the sinners prayer, but we know that does not include the truly penitent heart. We come a sinner to him begging his forgiveness and mercy, and leave a changed person. Can you have light on something at one point in your life and then ten years later say well, I realized that is not necessary in my christian walk. Several years ago I turned my back on God and severed many relationships because I felt everyone would judge me if I didn't follow the "rules". What I didn't realize was that I was losing out on so much. It took much misery to get my attention, even still I thought I could do on my terms. I went to a church where I felt accepted, no condemnation was felt because anything went. They accepted you in your sinful state, you did not have to profess anything to be active in the church. But God in his infinite mercy slowly and gently led me out of there and showed me a more excellent way. He taught me the sound of his voice in some very distinct ways. He is still speaking to me, he is guiding me and I am learning to put my hand in his and just trust him. I hope that you will do that too. He is so wonderful. Do not resist him, or try to reason your way around what he wants of you. I also want to remind you not to look neither to the left nor to the right, do not compare yourself with others to gauge your christian walk, but look to the master. We should only use God's Rule Of Measure, and then can we only be sure of truly following him. Give him your all.


~Heather~ said...

Thank you, Bev, for your nice comment on my blog post about a young girl's purity. Thank you for your honesty about your life. I had no idea anything about your life's story. May God use it to help others.

It looks like you have a nice husband and 3 precious children.

God bless you as you serve him. Have a great day in Him. =)