Friday, October 10, 2008

While I had a few minutes I wanted to write a little more about my trip to Florida to see my mom. We had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying each others company. I arrived at the Orlando Int'l Airport Friday around 1pm and mom was there to pick up me up. Unfortunately there is not an airport close to her so it is always a drive to get there, it was about 2 hours to this airport. We did have a nice drive to her house catching up on the news(after we found the car in the confusing parking garage LOL). Moms house is so quiet and relaxing, I almost felt guilty for leaving the kids and my hubby, but I made sure I enjoyed every minute. Friday evening we just enjoyed sitting out on her patio, talking and watching for the deer that like to come by and eat the corn mom feeds. They decided not to show up that evening, the mosquitos did though. I went home with several bites too. The next morning, saturday, we ate sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and biscuits, outside on the patio. It was so surene and beautiful. The palmettos and wildflowers and other trees make you think your out in the middle of nowhere. That day we also went to Istakpoga Lake. Wow, it was so picturesque. In the picnic area where we ate our lunch there were Live Oaks with Spanish Moss hanging from them. I could envision a southern plantation right in the middle of it all, and myself sitting on the large front porch having tea and crumpets(whatever those are). It was abolutely beautiful. The lake was also a vision to behold, I have never seen a lake with some much plant life. Next time I want to take a boat ride out onto the lake. We also walked down this one trail that took you breath away. It was a sight to behold with its Live Oaks and green grassy floor. One had to just look in any spot to see God's wonderful handiwork. Its a place where you could just go and meditate and pray in the stillness with beautiful nature sounds all around. Well that evening at mom's house we ate supper, on the patio again and continued outside on the swing and were excited to see the deer had come for an evening snack. They are so graceful, beautiful and ever watchful. Sunday dawned bright and clear and we had wonderful services. I enjoy the church there, the people are so wonderful and always ready to let the spirit move. I already mentioned what we did on Monday in my previous post but I did not mention my mini shopping spree. This time of year is a great time to get some really good deals in Florida at the malls. I bought, at one store, 3 shirts, a jacket and 2 jumpers for the girls, 6 things total, I think it cost me about 29.00 dollars. One of those shirts had a price tag for $50, that was marked down to $3. I went to another store and found 2 more shirts for $10. If I had, had more time there are many other stores with great deals like that, but I am thankful for what I got it is really hard to find nice shirts with 3/4 sleeves. The Lord always supplies my needs. Well I could ramble on some more but I that is all I will right for now. I have some things I should be doing. I had a wonderful time with my mom. I really do appreciate her, my only regret is that I did not learn to fully appreciate her sooner. Thanks for the nice time mom.