Friday, October 17, 2008

Her lips moved in silent prayer as she went about her day. The forces of darkness were trying to break through the divine barrier. The heavenly host stood on either side making as angelic tunnel for her to work through. Satan's dark forces screamed and yelled in anger, they twisted and turned trying to find a way in. When they got close they would find themselves eliminated with a singel peirce of the sword. They would at times be content to yell at her, trying to play mind games by making her recall a sinful past, or working through others to interrupt the serenity she found in Christ. Satan himself stood before her Saviour grovelling and whining, "please just let me touch her one time, with peircing eyes that seared satan with just a look he replied "NO, she is mine". Sulking, the evil one went to a corner of the room trying to think and devise another plan of attack. The Lord could see she was becoming weary. Her eyes filled with tears, but she kept on praying, finding the strength to go on from the only one who coul give it. He stood by lovingly watching her, His child, he motioned for one of the heavenly beings, who moved to his side carrying a chest made of pure gold and polished to perfection. As she continued to pray the Son of God started placing peices of armor on her, equiping her to fight against Satan and his evil hord. As he came to the last peice, The Helmet of Salvation, the devilish throng tried to throw out hurried taunts, and rushing to break through the angelic gaurd in an attempt to stop the intercession. As the helmet was placed on her head she stood up straighter and her face lit with joy as she noted that Satan's demons were no longer able to break through to her thoughts. she went about the rest of her day in joyous praise and wonder at God's power to defeat the enemy. Praise God!