Monday, June 29, 2009

God's Little Blessings

Sometimes God sends me a little blessing just to let me know he is thinking of me. That blessing came Sunday morning as I am getting everyone ready for church. As usual we were rushed and I was helping Emily find a pair of shoes and she was looking in her closet she pulled out a white pair of shoes that were too big, because someone had given us several pair and the girls had not grown into some of them. Well, this white pair of shoes was a size 3 and she remembered that sometimes I wear a size 3, yes I know I have small feet, and she thought these might fit. I will back track many years ago, when I was 3 I was run over by a lawnmower which severly injured my right foot and as I grew it became increasingly difficult to find shoes that fit properly or even well enough to wear due a size difference in my feet. God was looking out for me even then because he created me to have a small shoe size, if my left foot had grown to be to large I would have had to special order my shoes and that would have cost a lot of money. At this time I can usually go to the girls section and either by two pair of shoes or find some made in a way that will stay on my smaller foot. This spring and summer I have been looking for a pair of white shoes to go with my summer outfits and just could not find any, little did I know an answer to my prayers was right in my girls closet. I tried the shoes on and yes they fit and had straps on them that went across my feet to keep the shoe on my poor little foot. They may be a little bit girlie but I don't care I look at them and think God has answered my prayers.


matannjess said...

our God is good