Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well, let me see. Anything new around here. A lot has happened not all of it is significant but I will try to recap our life as much as possible.

Everyone has been fighting colds in our house and if that is the worse things can be I can handle that. It has been making the kids a bit crankie but we will get through with out any serious damage. Somedays our house seems so chaotic but I can still feel a sense of peace that can only come from God. The Lord is answering prayer in the fact that he gives me wisdom in how I handle the kids and the many issues that arise. I use to beg for patience but I felt like I failed miserably in my attempts to be more patient and then I realized what I really needed was wisdom because if I have wisdom then my frustration would not be so great because then I would have the ability to deal with situation in a manner that was directed by God. My children are learning that prayer is important to them too. Just the other day Alex was being naughty and he said that he would not go to heaven if he couldn't stop doing what he was doing. I always encourage my children to pray when they have problems and I did this again and he said he wanted to pray. We had a little prayer meeting in the living room and he asked Jesus to come into his heart. It was a very special moment for us. I also have Megan who will walk around the house and pray for her sister, Emily, when she is being disciplined. They are so special to me and I love that they are starting to understand the importance of prayer. On the other hand we are all learning the importace of praise and thanksgiving. Emily has a hard time going to sleep at night and is afraid of everything, I had exhausted my advice and attempts to tell her that she would be fine and she was safe, or no that is not a bug on the wall, and finally I told her, "Emily, when you get afraid start thanking God for everything you can think of, our house, your clothes, food we eat, etc..." This did seem to work, and then when I went to bed my mind was going in a million directions so I started to thank God for all things I could think of and the next day I continued to do so and when I start to have a difficult time I try to think of something in that situation that I can thank God for and you know what no matter what the situation is there is always something to be thankful. I have also noticed how close The Lord draws me close to him when I give him praise and thanks for all the things he has done. Well I better go, I have worked today and am a little tired and keep thinking about my warm bed, so I will go and try to write more soon. Strive for a relationship with God that leaves no doubts in you mind of the destination you will have when you leave this world behind. I love you all so much. Goodnight.