Monday, February 18, 2008

Another day, another cold day. Yesterday the temperature was in the 50's today low 30's, and then of all things it snowed not alot but at one point the snowfall was so thick you could hardly see through it. Megan was saying it was a blizzard. I am so ready for spring, I like the warm weather so much better and it gives me more energy and therefore I get more done. Today we went to the Creation Museum with my sister Christal. It was fun when Alex wasn't whining. He has had a cold so he feels kind've crummy. The museum was crowded because schools were off due to Presidents Day. I will say that even though I have been there 3 times I see different things each time I go. It is very detailed. I did enjoy myself even through the whining. We then went to Frisch's afterwards for lunch and my little Alex would not order food because he said he wanted to eat at the Creation Museum resteraunt. Well that wasn't going to happen. He did eat one of my fries but did not want to order any food. He still hasn't really eaten much, I guess he will eat when he is ready, you can lead a kid to the table but you can't force food down their throat. It is only 7:20pm and he is already alseep. Poor kid I know he doesn't feel good when he goes to sleep before 9pm. Well, I will sign off for now, I have baths to give and more arguments over food with another child to settle. She won't eat supper and wants a hotdog. Mom's not giving in.

P.S. Ok, you'll like this, Randy just called and I told him that Alex was on the sleep couching. I think I'm losing it. LOL.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog last night and looked through it. It has been such a long time since I have seen you. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing pictures of your kids. Our daughter is 11 years old, can you believe it? We just have the one. Talk to you later. Chris

Bev said...

Chris glad to here from you. Email if you get a chance. Would love to here from you. Bev