Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am back at my post as local weather girl, albeit reluctantly, I feel the need to make sure everyone understands what it is like outside. I can speak with authority because I was a victim of the weather. I was "smart" enough to offer to work today because I thought it would be so much fun to have to drive home in the winter storm we would get this evening hitting just before rush hour. My shift was to end at 8pm and I sat at my pts bedside watching the snow falling outside. About 6 or so it started sleeting and that is when I thought I would leave an hour early. My pt was in a nursing home so they would have care even if I wasn't in there, therefore I felt comfortable with leaving early. So, I began my treck home, down a very long winding road, thankfully there was this option because the way I had gone to work was towards I74 up and down hills, very steep going up. My truck would not have made it. So as I was saying I started driving down this road which was very curvy, and steep at times. I just put my truck in 2nd and coasted down tapping the breaks at times. I did have some cars behind me but I felt slow is better even if those behind felt I should go faster. I was not going to risk it. I finally made it to the bottom and drove along River Road which although a very long road was flat and not very highly traveled. The real test would be the big hill up going to my exit, the Lord was looking out for me and heard my prayers. The hill was relatively clear and traffic was moving slowly but steadily. I made it home in one piece. It took me about an hour, for a normally 30 minute drive. We have so far about 2-3 inches of snow and now it is sleeting and to alternate with freezing rain and sleet until tomorrow afternoon. I think I might invest in some skis or snow shoes. And in my "professional "opinion I think we are heading into an "ice age", global warming, yeah right. Al Gore come live in our part of the country and tell us about global warming, it won't be just congress laughing at you. Well I think that about covers it. I hope you all have a safe and pleasant night. Stay warm except for those of you in sunny Florida, send us some sunshine. And my international friends who view this blog, I hope you are blessed with good weather. I will sign off for now, g'day.