Friday, February 15, 2008

A rare view.

This is Megan & Emily's room, I did not put this picture on here because of my "decorative skill" but because it is clean. This is truly a rare view. They love it when there room is clean and I also do to but it rarely stays this way. And lately whenever it gets messy I have made a new rule when it gets cleaned I bring in a bag and some things are chosen to give to Goodwill. This is not easy because everything is precious to them and I finally have to say it either this or this and then they are forced to make a choice. Emily always tried to get into the bag to reclaim her lost items but I keep a close watch on this and it doesn't always work. I will admit they get this wonderful habit from me, for years I have battled the war of a neat and tidy bedroom. It is usually the last room I get to and it is also hard for me to clean it because my husband works until the wee hours of the morning and he is asleep and my best cleaning time is his sleep time. I guess I will just have to adjust my cleaning schedule and do it later in the day. Well enough about messy bedrooms. Have a good day and I will chat with you later.