Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes I get so tickled at the things my kids say or do. I would love to share some of these things with you. Just today after church Emily thinking, because she has a little cold, she is sick so she gets a wet washcloth and puts it on her head and lays in the chair, then proceeds to me, in the kitchen, mommy what do I look like, I said, I don't know(I had my back to her) and she said to me, a girl with a washcloth on her head. Duh I should have know.

Last night I was in my room folding clothes and the kids were in Alex's room next to mine and I kept hearing them yell and thought nothing of it. Kid's yell all the time about one thing or another at least mine do. Well the more I listened the more I noticed them saying something too and found it to be they were yelling for help because they were locked in the room. I went to the door and asked them what was wrong and they indicated they could not get out the room. With much instruction they finally figured out how to unlock the door.

Alex is always doing something crazy or saying something silly one of the his things he likes to say to me of course when he is upset is, your not my friend, but of course a good snuggle returns us to best friends. We were over at a friends house and he sat at their piano we all sang Jesus Loves Me, he played the piano and actually looked like he knew what he was doing, he didn't get the right notes but he held them when needed and looked very intent while doing it. It was funny to watch.

We also have a cat that is very tempermental she even gets mad at her own tail and hind feet when they won't hold still when she is trying to clean herself. She will bite them and keep putting her front paws on her tail to keep it from wagging. I think she is a bit psychotic at times. She will also attack at any given moment if she takes the notion.

Our other pet is a dog and he is a great big beautiful golden and I do not add the retriever because he can not truthfully call himself a retriever. If you throw a ball he looks at you as if to say, "who are you throwing that to," ok, we have strange pets but their ours and we love them.

I know that their is much more I could say about the kids but for some reason my mind is blank. Well I will post more later.