Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hello everyone, I haven't had as much time to blog lately. I have been so busy with the kids school work and trying to do housework that I feel completley consumed right now. As for homeschooling the kids it is going pretty good. Megan seems to be in a really good groove right now and has really picked up on her math and just flies through it. We are using various resources for language arts and trying to follow her interests because she does better if I incorporate her interests into it. She enjoy's writing stories about animals and we work on spelling when she does that. I will say that if you Dixie( in my friend list) has a lot of great resources for homeschooling on her blog, I have taken the liberty of pasting them into a list for others to see here also. I have found numerous things that have enhanced my teaching and their learning. Emily is having a hard time with math right now because it has gotton a little difficult. I am sure she will be fine its just more of a challenge. Such as counting by twos and writing it out. I think part of it is, is just being stubborn. She is starting to be able to read more then she lets on, when we do her reading she likes to try and guess the words instead of actually sounding out the letters. Alex who is only three has great fine motor skills and just yesterday he had a book out for writing words and he copied the word star and was able to write his name. It is amazing how much a spounge kids can be.

Well I have to work in the morning and times is flying by. Hope to talk you later. Lord willing.
Remember to surrender your all and put Jesus in the middle of your life; whatever your situation is and he will give you the grace, such amazing grace, to get you through.