Thursday, December 20, 2007

A couple nights ago we took the kids to Festival of Lights at the zoo. We had a lot of fun looking at the lights, riding the train and checking out the animals. The real highlight of the night was in the reptile house and the zoo keepers trying to take of their animals had been so nice to give the Burmese Python several rats to eat. Well it must have squeezed the life out of them because they weren't looking so lively. Actually it wasn't so great to see but it was a good "science" lessen for the kids. Ok, back to the real reason for this post. The zoo was really beautiful all lit up, Randy treated us to some starbucks hot chocolate and I about went "nuts" smelling the cinnamon pecans. I will just have to make my own it is a bit cheaper that way. The weather was actually not so cold, as long as you dressed warm and kept moving.
Randy and I went christmas shopping and found some really good deals. We have been trying to get Alex a tool bench for the past year but they are so expensive, well we found one at sears 50% off, what find. Alex will be so excited. He loves to be a "workin man" like daddy. I have also been looking for a scanner, copier and printer all in one and well with one of the kids gifts we got one for $19.99. I can also stick my memory card from my camera right into. Well enough telling you all my Christmas secrets. How many days till Christmas? I have lost track I guess I am just enjoying it to much to worry. I am sure I will know when Christmas gets hear, or at least the kids will tell. Ha, Ha. Remember to have a Christ centered Christmas for he is the reason for the season.