Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We have had a big day today, Lorinda Frankenberry came over with her girls and we baked cookies all afternoon. The kids ate about half of them, or so it seemed. We did make quite a few and I continued after they left. I was able to make three kinds today, sugar cookies, russian teacakes(my favorite) and gingerbread men. I might make more tomorrow if I have any energy left. I am pretty exhausted, my night wasn't great to begin with. Emily diecided to have a fitful night not condusive to sleeping. Another exciting thing we went to go do today was to see Cincinnati Zoo's festival of lights. Well that didn't happen they just so happened to be closed this evening. They were nice enough to have a young man outside tell everyone who came by. The really sad part is we had really warm weather today, about 60 degrees. The next chance we get to go it will probably be freezing. Oh, well. We still had a fun day. When I get pictures I will share them with you of our fun day. So long.