Friday, December 28, 2007

We have a Heavenly Father above . . .

God put a song in my heart when I needed it most. I have been feeling down, the devil is trying to fight me constantly. Some days the raysof light seem few and far between because of the constant stuggle. I depend on God to get me through these days and he is but today it was like he came to me so strongly, I started singing,"We have a Heavenly Father above with eyes full of mercy and a heart full of love. He really cares when our head is bowed low, consider the lillies and then you will know." I then started to sing the verse,"May I introduce you to this friend of mine, who hangs out stars tells the sun when to shine, he kisses the flower each morning with dew but he's not to busy to care about you." I felt so surrounded with the Lord's presence and started praising God for his help and the help he is going to give me. I know he cares about me, he also cares about you. I don't know everyone who may read this but I do know some and everyones situation is different and we all have different problems in our life but God can take care of each one and give us the grace to go through these difficult times. Praise the Lord for his goodness.