Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ok, now maybe I am slightly confused but children aren't really supposed to play in front of the church while there mother is singing, or are they. Well if you must know, this evening we had an all singing service and well I had to sing and Alex had to go up with me because he was just feeling that way it would have been alright if he had just stood by like it started. Anyway's he decided to put on some antics of his own, lying in front of the pulpit climbing on the altar and that else I don't know I just wanted to make it through the song before he climbed the walls the started hanging the light fixtures. Bless Sherilynn she managed to grab him and get him to sit with her. That wasn't the end after my song the kids cames up and sang away in the manger all was going well until Alex decide to start hitting his mic on his mouth. I was wondering where the thumping sound was coming from and then I notice to me dismay. When I tried to redirect him he growled into the mic. He did finally settle down just sing and everyone enjoyed their singing. The service was enjoyable and there was other wonderful music. If I was able to do streaming video or new how to do it I would put on my blog for you to enjoy. Well anyways. This may be my last blog unless I survive Christmas then you will hear from me again.

Oh, by the way when you pray add a friend of mine in and just pray that the devil will be defeated, for he is fighting ever so hard. Thanks and goodnight.