Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thanking God for his protection.

God provided his protection and the strength to stand against a potentially dangerous situation I was in today. I was staying with one of our hospice patients who has had abusive behavior towards our staff and others recently and after spending almost two days with her I felt it had all gone really well. She had been calm and pleasant until about 5:30 today when she decided to take a walk in the nursing facility she is in. I happily held her hand to help her and we took a walk, well little did I know she was on a mission she was trying to find a way down stairs. When she did discover where the door was to the stairway she tried to open and I tried to stop her and then she tried the key pad beside the door and when that didn't work she went for the fire alarm. All the while I am trying to talk her into going back to her room and get ahold of her hands so she can't set the alarm off. Against my best efforts she pulled the alarm and the loud siren only made matters worse she went crazy. Leaning all the way back on me and when the other staff and I got her to her room they left me there with her to get her some medicine to help calm her down it took all the coordination and strength I could muster to keep her from grabbing whatever she could get her hands to hit me with it. I knew my well being was dependent on keeping her hands in mine all the while yelling for help but no one could hear me because the siren was going off. I remember praying when I could remember to and even tried to encourage my patient to pray. After a few minutes, but seemed like hours, someone came in and helped get ahold of her and got her into bed and then gave her a shot of medicine. I was no hero in this, in fact I was shaking like a leaf and thought I was going to have a panic attack but God held me up and I do praise him for his protection. This patient told the facility staff if I could get ahold of her I'd kill her. They, and I truly believe she would too, or anyone who tried to stop her be it staff or another patient. I know that God was watching over me today.