Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Give her some air, I think she's coming around." Gasp, "where am I, am I still alive?" I saw such pretty colors flying around heard children laughing, and saying this is what I always wanted and then everything seemed to fade away. They say its December 27th, how did I miss Christmas?

Ok, I know enough, I did survive Christmas, I felt very sleep deprived the whole day because of having worked the day before and was up late finishing up the wrapping that lasted only about 15 minutes the next morning. I guess that was the bright colors flying around. I do remember having the kids sit down and we read the Christmas Story and then I told them what God's gifts to us were. I also remember once when Alex said, " this is what I always wanted". The girls thanked me many times for their Christmas presents and told me it was best Christmas ever. That's what they say every year. It was a nice day and actually got warm about 50 degrees. Emily recieved a "brown" baby doll that is what she told me she wanted. Well she kind've looked at me funny and said why did you get me a brown baby doll, and I said, that's what you said you wanted. You know what that child told me, I was joking. Well she loves that babydoll anyway and takes it everywhere. She did other things too. Megan's favorite is her husky webkinz, and animal set she got. Alex has so many favorites but I think the tool bench was a big hit. Daddy got a new wallet, a belt and fleece lounge pants. My gifts were recieved early and they were a nice warm sweater and some slipper socks. My honey knows I like to stay warm.
All in all it was a nice day and we did play a game at the end. Mexican Train, a favorite we all have learned to love through my dad who would get us to play when we would visit. We also played Charades. These were family Christmas presents that I knew the kids would enjoy.

Remeber to keep Christ first all year long not just at Christmas.