Thursday, December 6, 2007

I was working today and the sis-in-law of my pt. was talking about how she had lost her mother 3 months ago yesterday and then it hit me that it was 2 months today that my dad passed away. Sometimes if feels like a life time since I watched him cross over to the other side. The family I was with expressed joy over knowing your loved one is at peace with God and it is wonderful when you know they have made it to heaven. I know how it felt to when dad died and how wonderful it was when God made his presence known to me with assurance that he had made it to the glory land. I will forever remember that. I think at this time that is what stands out to me the most. I feel such a longing to call and share with him the joys of my life and I do get sad thinking about him and how much I miss him. I will cherish the memories and think of them often and, and tell my children how my father led a life of godliness before me and the legacy he has left us.